Pick Up Chicks 103

Ok, so we have learned some basics, but what about Internet chicks? These are women i have feasted on in the past.  So this will be 5 things to talk about on your first phone call with an internet chick.. IF you cant get the girl on the phone, send me a message and i ll give you some hints.

First you always want to start the conversation piece with ” Hey, how are you doing?”

Problems usually arise when the chick has one word answers like (good) etc.  So these are 5 things to keep the conversation going.

1st.  ask “So what did you do today? anything interesting?”

               If not, then begin to talk about your day in a bit of detail.  This will loosen up the tension. 

2nd  talk about things she likes.  If you dont know what she likes you can always say

” Well whats your favorite color?”  Cheesy right?  I know its pretty third grade, but people find the question interesting.  This means you want to get to know the person, and most likely the woman will open up and begin telling you why its her favorite color. Obviusly if she doesnt tell you why its her favorite color.  ASK

3rd.  Ask why she is home that night, and not going out?  “Hey your beautiful shouldnt you be out somewhere on a date right now?”       

         This is a compliment, your not trying to push her away so dont be afraid to ask. Plus this will give you some insight on why she is single.

4th.  Talk about politics or ask her what kind of music she likes. “if you dont like her type of music, tell her!”  And if you disagree on politics, at least your starting a debate.

5th.  Ask her “when are we going to see  (Watchmen) anyways? I Fucking saw the pre-view and I need to see it! 

         You dont want to talk to this girl on the phone every night of the week, you want to get to know her off a few convos and meet her.  This way you dont fall in love with a conversationalist. TRUST ME I KNOW!!!!!    IF she doesnt want to see the movie, this gets you on a convo about movies, and you can still find a way to get a date by some other ways.


Tis all folks

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