Rules of V-Day

Ok, this is mainly for idiots. So, if you arent an idiot read no further.

1st.  If a Chick is single, Friend or barely know her, she wants to do something on Vday.  Vday is the one day of the year, where a woman doesnt want to be alone.  So what does this mean?

        It means that, if you are having trouble scoring a date with a chick you really like, Make sure you invite her out for vday.  IF she is single, and hasnt already made plans it is a given date.  Period! If you fail, at taking this chick out on Vday and shes actually single. . .. Then you really need to re-evaluate your personality.

2nd  All women like flowers on vday (TRUE STORY)

       My boy  Tstring  took his lady friend on a vacation at  an extremely nice beach with an ocean front suite.  They went to dinner, took her to all the beach rides.  Had a wonderful evening.  Do you know what she said?

           I Didnt get flowers?……….. get the girl some flowers!  For the love of god!

3rd.  never buy flowers off the internet for Vday, there is a chance they wont be delivered.  Reasons are; its one of those business through a business thing. You should instead: look up the flowers you want on line, then call your nearest floorist and ask if they can make something to what you see.  It will then be garunteed delivery on time, and probably even cheaper.

4th.  Make sure you find a woman that gets “You” something for Vday.  Why shouldnt you get anything anyways? this is both of your day, not just hers. 

5th.  If you are single, and you dont want to see a girl on Vday, I reccomend grabbing all your single friends and making a bon-fire.  Alot of people get dumped before Vday, or didnt even have a GF in order to be dumped.  The best way sometimes to get through Vday is to make a plan with you and your friends.  They are the ones by your side anyways right?  

ok….. the 5 ways of Vday are at your service

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