Pick Up Chicks 201

Today we begin to dig deeper into the woman brain.  I assume that you have read all of the pointers given before and you are now ready to take some major steps. First we will discuss 5 things to do before meeting an Internet chick, and then we will discuss 5 general things about women. – which should be really interesting.
1.  Always demand a pictures. Never just ask for one picture and be happy with it, or get persuaded with no pictures. It is April 2009, everyone has a picture available to them, dont let your self get caught up in a MCizzle situation.  ( to fully understand that situation refer back to “The Monument of PA” first post of my morning story.com )

2.  Always talk to them on the phone before meeting them.  A person can be way different on the phone then on the internet, plus you want to know if she is deaf or not.  “True Story” however, nothing is wrong with dating a deaf chick, but its nice to be prepared before you go in for battle.

3. I begin with Always, because the second you dont Always do something is the second bad things happen.  Always and I mean Always, keep the conversation short.  Do not try to get to know the Girl/Man too well on the phone, you dont want to fall in love with someones voice and not who they are. These situations are Dangerous, and rarely work out.

4.  If a chick tells you she is “of age” but she doesnt have a car to get to a destination, I do not recommend picking her up from home. I also do not recommend making out with them until you see an I.D. These rules are in place for a reason ( women lie about their age, and can get you in trouble )

Keep in mind, you shouldnt need an I.D. if your meeting up with a woman at a bar, or if she has a car to meeet you, most likely she is at least 17.  Women can be crazy, and just keep yourself aware.

5.  Never Ever EVER FUCK a chick from the “internet” or rather anywhere on the first date.  Internet chicks are internet chicks for a reason, and “You” really don’t know who they are.  Take things slow, and try to get to know them and their friends a bit.  This will hopefully tell you how promiscuous she might be.  You don’t want to end up Fucking some broad that had sex with 90 guys. Especially with you not having a condom on, i tell you – this will give you bad dreams.

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  • fr0

    What constitutes a date, in the internet world? Are you talking about real dates, like, in person, or can you date over the internet.

    One time I did a tour with a girl through a BBC News slideshow about the different foods around the world. It was very nice, and she said she found it to have been a very pleasant experience.

    I’m not saying that kind of thing is equal to the old posh restaurant and looking your best, but if I’m going to follow your instructions, I need to know the actual physics of the world, and how things work.

    Thanks for the info.

  • My Morning Story

    fro – let me try to answer this as best as I can. First I want to mention that these 5 rules I put in place begin from talking to them online to actually meeting them in person. The goal is always to meet them in person, if not why continue to talk to them?

    at one point, I actually talked to a few women, where some of them I didn’t meet until years later. Let me go back to my point though…

    But anyways, I wouldnt consider what you did “BBC News slideshow a date” But i would definately consider it a good time in getting to know someone. I have watched movies with “internet girls” – (women i never met before) just talking to them on the phone as the movie was going on. I considered it a good time, and I compare that to the experience you had.

    I have always considered a “date” to be the old fashioned way ‘ movie, dinner, lunch, etc…’ There is just something you can get out of the actual date that you cant get out of the internet. For those reasons, I recommend you meeting the girl before you become extremely involved.

    Dude I can go on forever, Im probably going to write a Pick up Chicks 202 tonight. but feel free to comment back

    On top of that there is a few articles in here about Internet chicks that I have met. One particular one “The Monument” Is something you never want to let happen to you.

  • fr0

    Right on. Having never actually met somebody clean off the ‘net, I am going to apply myself to you. 😉

  • fr0

    I mean, your ideas.

  • TrueStoryGuy

    Pick Up Chicks 301: Get her drunk!

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