Pick Up Chicks 202

Today we begin to dig deeper into the woman’s brain.  I assume that you have read all of the pointers given before and you are now ready to take some major steps. First we will discuss 5 things to do when meeting an Internet chick, and now we will discuss 5 general things about women – which should be really interesting.

1. The more you try to analyze women, the less you will probably understand. All women are extremely different, as the same, all men are different. One thing most men have in common is Sex, and Sports.  Most women love to talk about Clothing and Sex, but outside of that realm, don’t get caught up in trying to decipher why she didn’t call you back or anything. The quicker you let the crazy things women do to you out of your head the better off you are, and the more likely she will be into you.  It doesn’t make a lot of sense, and to truly explain it, would be very long.  The simple fact is :  When men have less worries, and are less obsessed and they carry themselves differently. They also look more confident, and women love confidence.

2.  Women should be treated like women.  Women like men that are MEN. Why would a woman want to date someone with out security, or courage? These are a few simple ways to show you are a man. I cant believe I am even stating this, but the fact is most men are morons.  I know its the 2000’s and women want to be treated as equals, but the fact is men should still do certain things. MEN things you should always do: (A)While going on a walk, make sure you are the one closer to the traffic. This way if a car comes to kill you both – you die and not her.  (B) Always pay for the date whether it be Food, Movies, or dancing, etc… At a point in time when the relationship gets closer, its fair to let her pay or take you out.  In the beginning however, try to show her that you have security and you are responsible.  (C) Open the door for her,  and if she moves over and unlocks the door for you… she’s a good woman. (D) If you are going canoeing or sky diving etc, try to show the woman that you aren’t afraid, and that if anything happens you will protect her.

3.  Women like to be active. Most men like to take a woman to a movie or out to eat, but women also like to go places. Take them to a park or go shopping, these are great first dates, because you can still talk and get to know one another. No one wants someone they think is going to be fat and lay on the couch all their lives. – I so need to listen to my own advice, and go for a walk –  PLUS, if she doesn’t like to go on walks, then she probably doesn’t like to work out, and she will probably get fat and then you won’t like her (Weed out the women you don’t like , don’t just marry the first one that comes along).

4. Give her enough time to breathe. Don’t be so up her Ass that she freaks out on you. Sometimes I go to parties, and I can point out all of the insecure guys. They hover over their women like flies.  NOT GOOD MEN, NOT GOOD. Your woman will be less likely to leave you or cheat on you if you give her space. Let her make decisions, and let her wander around a bit at a party. Don’t worry about a man coming and talking to her, because your already her  “MAN”.  The point to this is to be “secure” of yourself, have confidence.  Don’t be CONTROLLING.

5.  Women like to feel smart.  Men already have the power, and most women realize this. Women do not want to feel like they are dumber then you, and not as strong as you. I know this is dumb and almost “cave like” but humans still haven’t really evolved all that much. We all want a home, and a good life with money.  I’m not saying to pretend to be dumber then your woman, or dumb yourself down. Just don’t push your intelligence in her face, or call her stupid ( or any names actually )  Just don’t try to be an asshole!  When your woman thinks of something, encourage her and make her feel like she is making a difference.  Don’t shun it away and not care about it, because she will take it like you don’t care about her. Support her in what she does, and hopefully she supports your “dumb” or “good” ideas in return.

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  • TrueStoryGuy

    I once walked up to a rather large woman and I asked “When is the baby due?” and she said “I’m not pregnant.”

    Worried, I replied “Don’t worry, you’ll sit on somebody’s ‘happy sock’ and will be.” and took off. Do you think I have a potential date with this woman?

  • Just!ne

    #5 seems incorrect; WOMEN truly have the power, otherwise men wouldn’t feel threatened, hence instituting ways to keep women from obtaining powerful roles. Anyone who bleeds monthly, gives birth, and goes through menopause is something to be feared!

    • Zukny

      I disagree, but you have a fair point. In the end, I think we both agree that in every relationship there is a power struggle between a man and a woman & In this post – I tell the man to back down from acting like an A**

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