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If this is your Ex, I give you permission.

If this is your Ex, I give you permission.

Recently I have been talking to a few people that are dealing with the “EX”  We all have that one ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend, where we wish we could have a second chance just to see if things could work. For those of us that want to take that second opportunity, and use it, I give you this information. 5 Rules of Ex es


1. Never date an EX

I know theres five rules and I could really theoretically end it with this. I do not reccomend dating Exes at all. In my opinion they are the EX for a reason. I dont care about what reason. “But matt, she moved to Idaho, and now shes back. That was the only reason why we broke up!” WHO THE FUCK CARES! Well Like I said : You broke up for a reason, and there is “reason” for all things that happen. You Grow, and move forward.


2. If you are to date an ex, make sure you begin the relationship from the beginning.

Starting the relationship from where you left off is dangerous. Try to learn everything about the person as if you are learning everything for the first time. Even if you only went out with that person a few months ago, that does not mean you can go ahead and fuck her that night.  START OVER.  Not saying pretend like nothing happened, but start from the beginning.

3. Move slow

I just said start the relationship from the beginning, but now I am saying move slow.  The only main difference in this is.  If you really want to be with this person, try to figure out “WHY” you want to be with them before you break their heart again. Or, vise-versa.  The worst thing you can do is Jump into a relationship with an ex, they realize it was a bad idea leaving you hurt. SHOULD NOT PUT YOURSELF IN A POSITION THAT QUICKLY TO BE HURT TWICE.

4. Do different things then you used to do with them.

We all love doing different things, but so often we find ourselves getting caught up in the “typical” date.  Typical dates are: Movies, Dinner, Lunch, Ice cream, Parks.  I can almost guarantee that you did most of these things the first time you dated.  Try something different this time, even if its as small as Breakfast instead of dinner, or a museum instead of a park.  This opens up “new” things to learn about each other, to see if you connect on “other” levels.

OTHER DATES:  Bars, Pool, Bowling, Concerts, Museums, walks in the city, Zoo, Aquarium, Dancing, Cooking classes, etc…

5.  Be Honest with them.

There is a reason why you both broke up. if things are starting to work the question will arise “Why did we break up anyway’s.”  Tell her the reason, dont be scared to hold it back. Men shouldn’t lie anyway.  Even if it is something like, “I wanted to fuck some other chick.” All that really means is, you weren’t ready for a commitment, and you were scared so you ran off and fucked other bitches.   Just be honest with them, and hopefully they will be honest with you. Whatever the reason is, let the reason pass and move on. This is your second time around, so the first reason no longer counts.

Lastly I want to add.

Theres a million reasons why things didn’t work out the first time.  I once had a woman break up with me because she wasn’t ready.  I also once went out with a girl again, just to “Get Play” so I could get my groove on sexually, and watch some movies.”  Yes, you could say I used that person, or you could say “we had a good time.” the fact is, its all reasons why you dont move fast the second time around “BE CAREFUL!”

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