Pick up Dudes 101

Over the past two or three months we have been discussing; “how to pick up chicks.” This has spurred some requests for another topic, such as the one shown above. Women probably wont change their basic bar technique which includes the : playing with their hair, direct contact to a mans eyes, etc…

So today we are going to dive into 5 ways to keep a man.  First I want to say, This is going to be “EXTREMELY” generic – and this particular discussion will pertain solely to the beginning of a relationship.

I am confronted with women having problems all the time. Their man doesn’t call them back, they think its a big deal. He doesnt reply to a text message, they think its a big deal. etc…

1.  Move slow, Meaning:

Absolutely do not call him every day and send him text messages everyday. Chances are, he has other “man” things to do. If he doesn’t get back to you that same night, its also not a big deal. Don’t freak out about it, leave him  a message and let him contact you.

“I can go on for hours about this topic alone, if you need more information feel free to add a comment.”

2. Do not have sex or try to on the first date.

I know this sounds crazy, but I used to make the girls buy the condoms, and wait 5 dates before having sex with them.  I did this because, I was forcing them to move slow so I could actually get to know them. I noticed when I had sex with someone on the first date: (7 times out of 10 times) The woman would feel “whorish” and wouldn’t be comfy for other dates.  2 out of 10 thought we were “boyfriend girlfriend”afterwords, and 1 out of 10 thought the same as the I did. “Damn I got off last night.”

I also want to add that sex on the first night, doesn’t leave as much for the man to look forward to on the second date. Keep the man “Wanting.” <- Do I need to explain that more?

3.  Unlock the doors to the car.

Anyone ever seen that italian movie, where the boy likes the black chick, and his uncle  says to him:  “If she unlocks your door from her side, shes a keeper.” Well ladies, expect the man to open the door for you, give you his coat, and treat you to lunch/dinner. When he is doing these things, you should also do certain things. – To show your not a bitch

1.  When he lets you in his car, unlock his door.   2.  Offer to pay, but don’t be forceful.  3.  Thank him for a good time .  4. Call him or text him, to make sure he gets home ok.

4.  When the date is over, the date is over.

I remember one time. I met up with my date on main-street. We decided to goto a movie, and took my car. At the end of the night I took her back to her car. “not your best classy date, because I should have met up with her at her house.” However, She wouldn’t leave the car.  She wouldn’t get out of the FUCKING CAR.  She was already walking on a string, and at that moment is when I decided “NO MORE DATES FOR YOU.”

You are probably saying, shouldn’t I have walked her to the car? Yes, but we are not going into “what I should have done.” The fact is, women try to drag dates on forever.  After a movie is over. “hey lets go out for drinks.”  “hey, do you wanna come out with my friends.” or “Do you want to see me tomorrow?”

Stay away from doing all of those things.After a man takes you out to a movie, I do recommend “a late dinner or appetizer sort of thing, But I do not recommend you trying to plan his next two days for him.  This is sort of like the “move slow” bit I was speaking of before. You dont want to overwhelm the dude of you in 2 days. Let him learn who you are over a course of time.

5.  Open yourself up to what and why he is thinking certain things.  

To be general:  If he likes  a certain T.V. show, don’t automatically put it down and say its crap. Try to watch it, and see if you like it to. If he is interested in different things then you dont take them as “you both aren’t compatible.” Until you try, you don’t actually know if you would like the things that he likes or not.

This isn’t always the case though.  For instance, when a woman asks me to go “shoe shopping” with her. I would much rather slit my throat with a butter knife and watch the blood drip out of my throat as I die.  “I wouldn’t know this though, until I have actually done it.” -If that makes any sense.

But a relationship that has new things to experience every day, is a very interesting relationship in my opinion.

Now your thoughts please? – I have a feeling both men and women would be intrigued by some of the things I wrote today.

28 Male from north Delaware. I have No idea what I am doing, but I am doing it.


  • Just!ne

    Believe it or not, I found this very helpful.

  • James-Dean

    interesting points. I would also like to add.. ladies some things that may help. have a lazy day with him sometime. refrain from acting strange in the presence of other women. and finally BACON. enough said.

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