The Married Man

It was 2:00 AM, I just left Bankers Bar.  The walk home is a bit short: Head down Main Street, hang a left on Jays Avenue and I’m the first house on the left.  It was the typical week, the typical day, and seemed to be my typical night. That is until I noticed a man on the sidewalk. He seemed rough, dirty and unshaven.  The man was clearly unfamiliar to the town, and unfamiliar to me.

This is when I decided that it was in my best interest to pick up my pace and ignore the man as I walked by.  “Absolutely no eye contact!”  I muttered to myself.  A few minutes later, the man was well behind me and my little worries of being robbed were gone.  That was when I heard a SHOT in-to the air, and then a second of silence.  I didn’t turn around, instead I picked up the pace, as I was rounding Jays Avenue toward my house.

Once I was inside I felt absolutely safe, I locked the door and got on the phone.  “Hello police?” The phone cut out before I could say any more.  Then the lights went, almost seconds apart. I looked out my living room window to the houses next door. “The lights seem fine over there” I said.  “Someone must be out there!”  I ran up stairs, awoke the wife and told her “Go to the kids room, and lock yourself in the room. I’ll be back soon.”  I said all this as I was grabbing the small pistol I bought from Walmart. “Shop Smart, shop Wallll SMart!”

I began heading back downstairs, looking at the windows to see if anything popped out.  I could see a black figure outside the front window.  I sensed this person didn’t come alone, and checked the other windows toward the kitchen and dining room of the house.  Two more figures around the back, cloaking my house with gasoline! They must not want any chance of witnesses, considering I just had a good look at the guy that may or may not have just shot somebody!

“One chance!” I said to myself, I had to save my house and my family! But How?  I was in the kitchen, which happened to tie into the bathroom.  I grabbed two cookie sheets and placed them in my shirt for protection “Like these would really stop a bullet” I thought. I then went into the bathroom and grabbed the only towel hanging on the rail.  I draped the towel over my head like a hood die!

The best chance was an unexpected approach. So, I placed myself in front of the picture framed dining room window. Peering out over the two men, eying my competition, and manifesting my plan.

I jumped through the window with all my force  laying two shots into the dead air.  Once I hit the ground, I could see I hit one of the figures straight between the eyes, and the other man in the pelvic region.  He was still moving, and began attempting to cloak me in the gas.  “You may have taken me down, but you will now die, my friend!” As the gasoline is being splashed all over my face.  I picked my arm up off of the ground, and pointed my gun to his face. “Its time for you to die” I said.

“I have no fear!” he muttered, pulling the lighter out from his pocket.  I shot him once more, in hopes to take him down before he could light me on fire, but I was to late. The fire quickly spread over my towel and shirt.  Luckily, I ripped off my clothing in time  to keep it from getting to my face.

I ran to the front of my house looking for the third figure. Once I laid my eyes on him, I saw he was the man I walked by on Main Street.  “Time for you to give up pal. Lay your fucking ass down on the god damn ground! Im watching you until the fucking cops get here!”  The words rolled off my tongue just as the cops were actually rolling up. My wife made the phone call with her cell phone, Luckily she is attached to it like white on rice.  Now all I have to do, is wash this blood and gasoline off my walls before my kids notice!

“Fucking Amateurs!”

28 Male from north Delaware. I have No idea what I am doing, but I am doing it.


  • TrueStoryGuy

    Actually a exciting story and an interesting read. I call for more fiction from this user.

  • riverfr0zen

    Pretty cool. It kind of reminded me of that french movie where this couple is terrorized by a bunch of kids in their countryside home. ‘Them’ I think, it was called.

    “Fucking Amateurs” is nice and cathartic, I guess, but I was also half anticipating that the police would roll over and go ahead and shoot the main character out of confusion. That would be tragic 😉

  • Zukny

    mymorningstory aka Zukny <- so no confusion!

    I originally wanted to write a type of Edgar Poe type dealio where he introduces a character, you like him, and then he dies in some strange way.

    I decided not to kill him due to the fact that I couldn't just kill my character off, and since then have decided to make a Married Man Part 2..

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