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It’s not so easy for women as it is for men. Men are expected to be the out-going, stupid who cares kinda guy. It’s the woman that well is expected to “act like a woman.” Some women are looked at as “Unapproachable” by men because they are either sickly hot, or sickly not! There is also the type of woman, that’s really picky and doesn’t want anyone in the bar except the shy guy, that’s never going to come over and talk to her anyways. SO!

This is a list of 5 ways a woman can pick up a dude in a bar, with out having to make a whore of herself. Even though, if a woman made a whore of herself in a bar, I am sure most men would flock to her!

1. The twirling of the hair.
It’s the Old time favorite amongst most women, and if your a woman you probably already know it yourself. However, some women do this and look around the room, rather then at the guy they are interested in. Make sure as you do this to “MAKE EYE CONTACT” how else is the man supposed to know you want him and not say, the girl next to you, or the 60 year old man with a limp sitting at the bar?

2. Position yourself.

If you see him walking to the bar to grab him self a drink, its probably best for you to head off to the bar yourself. The bar is an awesome meeting ground, and conversation is easy. one could say: “I hate this bar, I only go because the music.” or “This bartender is slow as molasses!” or “What are you drinking? If I get him I’ll tell him yours too!”

Point being, the bar is an extremely easy meeting ground because its a 1 on 1 basis, and 1 on 1 you don’t have to deal with your friends trying to steal your piece of ass, etc…

3. If you are a dancer.
I doubt a shy guy would come dance with you, but if you love dancing its probably best to dance mainly by yourself. If you want to keep this man interested, and lets say keep his “self esteem” up. Then don’t dance all over other men, if you do that he will think you don’t care for him at all.
Try to dance with women, and by yourself to show that you know how to have a good time. If you catch him looking at you, feel free to invite him to dance with you. Be inviting.

4. Smokers
I used to wish! I mean WISH! I was a smoker! They have it so easy and they don’t even know it! Do you realize how easy they have it? I mean the easiest way to meet a chick is when your 1 on 1 as explained earlier, and so many people smoke alone. Sometimes the best meeting place is outside in the cold instead of actually in the bar! Anyways….

If the guy you want smokes, even if you don’t – Find a way out side! Tell your friends you need some fresh air, and head out. Some places don’t have the best outdoor spots, and I wouldn’t recommend this in those type of environments. But, If he asks you for a smoke, just tell him you don’t smoke its a nasty habit and he should quit. If the man has any type of interesting personality, he will open a conversation with you.

5. Walk up and ask him something.
I would say go up to him and plant your lips on him immediately, but some men might freak out at this, and you might not be that hot, freaking him out. I will say however, most men and I do mean Most men love a woman that initiates conversation.

The reality is men are pigs, and well most men are and they come to the bar for one reason. “In hopes of meeting the future EX-Girlfriend.” So, go up to him be open and be kind see if you work, a man is not going to tell you to go away unless your stupid. Even if you are not happy about your looks, most men will forget the looks and still look at you as a piece of ass.

If those types of things discourage you, I am sorry for all men think that way, even when they pretend not to.

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  • gpawlows

    This is a very informative and educational article. I do believe most women should and do know these tools and techniques but none have taken the time to write them down and share to others. As a guy, and a geeky engineer with good grasp of numbers, perhaps I could give some thought to the percentages of success each technique will have. At the very least some type of range of values. What would also be good would be some other contributions from other women on the tool used and their input of the success they experienced. No doubt, there will be many factors which affect the technique. As our data base increases, so will our confidence level for each technique. Before closing, I would like to know if any of this statistical and analogous discussion is making any of our female readers want to go out with me. If so, we may be able to consider this another technique. Feel free to respond.

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