The Secret – Page 20

Probably, Ben couldn’t think of a masculine flower name for them.  So telling her she could name them got him off the hook.  She remembered a discussion they had. “How about Thorn?” Ben asked her.  “Thorn? Are you insane?” Sounds like a German Sheppard! Lily Argued. “No!”

And she named the boys; she missed her husband though, still after all these years.  She did feel lucky to have Maddie as a friend though, especially now.  She put Maddie off when she noticed her concerns about the darkness of the nights in Magnolia.  But she did notice it.  For some reason, she didn’t tell her more about the quiet. Which she noticed as well.  She just didn’t want to talk about it.  Her children complained about it too at first, then they seemed to be scared of it.  They did not go out at night come to think of it, neither did Lily.

Maddie brought it out in conversation but Lily felt as though she should have whispered it.  Like it was a secret that everyone knew, but didn’t discuss.  What was going on here?  All of a sudden Lily felt afraid, she felt as though some one was reading her thoughts.  (Blank your mind) She thought.  (Think of the party.) That worked, but all day long at different times she felt as though someone was behind her.

I wrote the book "the Secret" Come read it, and tell me what you think.

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