Fresh Love

An electric guitar breaks the silence of my over achieved high life.
Its smooth pace and easy chords are relaxing, but it’s not that type of song. I wear shoes on the beach, I don’t get satisfaction from sand between my toes. I stand motionless enough for the wind to blow open my shirt, my hat lowered to punish the sun from reaching my eyes, it loves my eyes.
I stare dare into the white waves desperately trying to reach out for me through high tide.
A battle they will never win. My hands remain in my pocket to leave the seagulls guessing if I have food for them today,
which I never do, but they hover anyway.
One arm stretched out upward, one hand towards the sky when I walk away, I’m not staying here, so I love it every day.

My name is Daniel. Not much to tell, but a lot to see. At the present time I work 3 different jobs. I am a shuttle bus detail technician, a yellow cab driver, and deliver pizzas, just trying to get by ya know. I have a love for writing poetry and short stories. I love having ideas come alive through words. I'm trying to be a published writer one day, but until then I'll make due.


  • riverfr0zen

    You damn surfer 🙂

  • James-Dean

    seagulls an sneaky little bastards. i like em. cept for when they land on peoples cars, i go out of my way to scare them off peoples cars

  • My Morning Story

    you must live in the North East where Seagulls rule the world! This reminds me exactly of the typical NE boardwalk beach where you have to soak up that enjoyment for the 3 months and its gone again.. For you to miss it for 9 months.

    I will say though that, the only time I heard someone play the electric guitar at a beach was in Venice where the homeless guy has one and rides around on skates.

    I think I actually tipped that guy! He should go on Americas got talent!

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