Gods Gift

When God gave me you he gave me a gift.
You’ve made me so happy and gave me a lift.
My love for you fills my whole heart.
Willing to do anything to never be apart.
Want you to know you’ll always be my girl.
I love you more than anything in this entire world.

When God gave me you it was a miracle you see.
There’s no one else in the world I want my wife to be.
I’ll love you forever even after we’re gone.
Our love will shine in heaven as bright as the sun.
You mean everything to me and this is no lie.
I’ll do everything in my power to never make you cry.

Everything you’ve done for me, I feel I’m in debt.
I will protect and kill for you without regret.
Without you my heart throbs, like a wound from a knife.
Because when God gave me you he changed my whole life.

love sports, love to read and write, favorite author is james patterson and favorite book is The Jester.. From Fresno, CA


  • My Morning Story

    If I could write poetry like this, I think I could get any chick I wanted! beautiful stuff 🙂

    • shrfu31

      Though you might be able to get them initially, your personality and the rest of you would make it very difficult to keep them, lol.

      You do have a point though. Sweet stuff. Need more like on the site. Keep it up.

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