That Damn Diner

I’d written hundreds of short stories and hundreds of poems, but only ever read them aloud to myself and the everyday ham sandwich sitting in front of me that I was eventually going to eat. It was like that for years until the norm got boring.
It was a warm summer night, past the time when even kids out past curfew are at home, safe in bed behind locked doors. I couldn’t sleep, so I gathered my recent notebook and went for a walk. There was no traffic, no sounds, and the only lights were from either street posts or from a TV left on by mistake in a living room.
Walking for no more than fifteen minutes, I came to a corner diner I had never actually eaten in. It was still open at that late of an hour, but the only souls inside were the waitress and the chef. I made my way in.
The older woman that would wait on me told me to grab a seat anywhere. I found a stool at the counter. She asked if I’d like a cup of coffee, but I turned it down. Instead, I just asked for her audience.

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Hey, I'm Mike, and i love to write. It truly is the last known form to truly be immortal. I was in the Air Force, until a brain tumor forced my discharge. But even without that, I still have the almighty pen & paper. I write everything, but horror is my hobby, and poetry is my passion.


  • My Morning Story

    I thought this started off a bit slow but got really cool! The story of it seemed to be a little better then the writing.

    Still great read all in all though. I didn’t expect it to turn to death at all! I used to goto diners all the time, and an eternity in a diner can’t really be all to bad!

  • James-Dean

    I really like this story. Ive composed hundreds and hundreds of stories as well. But for me the best part of this story is the descriptions of people in the diner. I love nasty 24 diners. best food around. weird people. strange cooks always giving you the stink eye while they cook your food. i wish this town had a 24 hour diner, id go right now

  • riverfr0zen

    I know I sound like a broken record (but then, isn’t that what your story is about ‘zing’ ;)) when I say this, but please, please try to place an empty line between your paragraphs. For a story, structure is kind of important, and these lines help a reader figure out where they are.

    Other than that, very enjoyable style, and hell don’t we all know that diner 🙂

  • anewdaysjourney

    I loved it. sounds like the makings for a great movie.

  • Just!ne

    This is a great story! It reminds me of one of those movies with revolving nightmares, except the person never wakes up. Not as intense as Vanilla Sky, but still enough to make you wonder and hold your interest. Well done!

  • Jackytharippa

    Thanks for reading and thank you for the comment. 🙂

  • Craig Gusmann

    This was a great story, but I felt like it really could have explored its main character far more in depth. Let the mystery of the place linger for a bit too. It seemed like things were just being explained to the reader instead of allowing them to experience it with the characters.

    As I said though, the plot was great as was the setting. Have you ever read C.S. Lewis’ “The Great Divorce”? If I remember correctly his idea of heaven and hell were similar.

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