Virgin Cocktail

read the lightly crumpled note
that traveled four desks over.
She knows why.
She knows what he wants.

The flash of butter bra
and lemon panties in Home Ec.
Now he wants some lemonade
and butter cookies.
Fourteen years
of honey
stored in a jar,
would be eaten
by a poppy-seeded
boy tagged Devereaux
who could barely speak
proper English,
let alone French.

He touched many breasts before,
mangos, kiwis apples, melons, even grapes.
Yes grapes.
But only once did he get wine
from those.
Beer was much better.
Prue, the malt
of his dreams,
was cold and uncapped,
waiting to be stroked
and guzzled.
Devereaux had never licked
a beer tab
let alone sipped such drink,
but he knew Prue
could and would
slake his
barley thirst.

Drops rained on his boxers
as he pictured her,
lying there under that
beaten old oak,
who’s had more
than it’s share
of tasting parties
by its roots.
The butter melting,
lemon squeezing,
caused his tap
to lift,
inch by inch
until it held steady.

She was still there,
wondering why
the moon
looked like a cookie,
asking why
the sky
was bigger
than her ring collection.
What was it like
to untap a keg
or uncork wine?
All she ever drank
Was pop
And milk.

Groaning grass.
Devereaux appears.
Prue brightens.
He grins
from fear
and fervor.
She speaks
since she has no idea
what else to do.

He is thirsty.
She dehydrated.

Vice President at My Morning Story
Justine Monikue is an indie author that enjoys writing realistic fiction and poetry.

She currently resides in Delaware, USA with her two spawn.


  • My Morning Story

    I loved this one! Food & Sex is always an amazing mix πŸ™‚ Personally, I’m not sure why I haven’t mixed the two together my self.

  • James-Dean

    youve certainly got a way with those short lines so full of meaning.

    • 80sBabi

      Thanx πŸ™‚ I tried a different approach when writing this poem by using this ‘vehicle and tenor’ exercise I picked up in my advanced poetry course which challenges you to substitute words for others that are not actual synonyms. Like “butter bra”, instead of just saying yellow I used butter instead, which is yellow, but definitely not a true synonym of the word. I had so much fun writing this that I’d like to try another poem using the same method of ‘vehicles and tenors’.

  • janevc

    Hi! Thanks for the Stephen King recommendation, I loved that book as well. Its interesting to see how much he reads! I wish he would just write a regular novel sometimes, he is talented.

    BUT, about your poem, its quite good you know. I love the consistent use of food or drink imagery. There are many memorable lines, the butter bra and lemon panties resonated with me. I also like the delicacy of your description, such as the “lightly crumpled note”.

    Its also very consistent with the use of youth imagery; that neither of the characters has really experiences ANYTHING, and the contrast between them. I like the sarcasm of Devereaux who can’t speak French, the school imagery (desks, Home Ec, etc)

    Good job! Thanks! and thanks for commenting on mine! Jane

    • Just!ne

      Hi Jane!

      I don’t know how I missed your lovely feedback, but I did. I know, I know, I’m the worst.

      Thanks a lot for the good words! I’m thrilled that you appreciated my poem. It’s always a pleasure to read your awesome work. πŸ™‚

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