In the dark your eyes are reminiscent of torches.
Glistening in the still of a night where rain is echoing in the soil.
A calm breeze cuts through my frail skin.
Oh, how it’s calling out my name, calling to me like the ground calls out to the sky where they coincide.
My attention belongs to you, just like it has all along.
Hesitant I am to reach out to you, for fear of being burned.
Hold my hands here, until the time is right.
Shimmer with fire glistening off of my skin.
I am right next to you, so don’t shelter your light
Holding closer now, closer than ever.
Still, my hands, are not.
Hope is closer now, closer than ever.
Still my hands are trembling.

I'm not an accomplished writer, critic, or musician. I'm 19 and I enjoy writing. I really wish I could give you a nice depiction of who I am and if I knew I would tell you. If you want to get to know me, just talk.


  • My Morning Story

    I couldn’t help but think of what my bro was telling me earlier today: He kept talking about how Vampires skin Shined…I don’t think this song was about vampires, but … W/ all the vampire talk lately, Its only normal that my mind wanders.


    • fairlyoddrob7706

      Haha. Well, no vampires, but I’m happy that this put an image in your head.


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