What are some of the sounds
That keeps the peace in you
What are some of noises
That are soothing and calming to you
What do you ears constantly want to hear
What type of music continuously plays
That has you focused on what’s in front of you
Or has you in constant daze
It’s a maze
A maze of sounds and music
A maze of voices
Not just of the human vocals
Everything has speech
Everything has a voice
And that is when you think of the noise
The noise that you want to hear
The noise that you hold dear
It can be anything you want
Something uplifting
Something that keeps a constant beat
Or it can be something unpredictable
That’s me
That’s what I like
I like sounds that are unpredictable
Sounds that surprise you
You don’t know whether it’s going to change
From a happy sound
To a sad sound
To a loving sound
To an angry sound
You can go from listening to people sing
The different genres clearly get your attention
Or you can listen to classical music
As the rhythm of the instruments move you
The same with Jazz
You might want the more uptight beat
The rap scene has you fancy
Or something smoother like smooth R&B
Or reggae, the type of music that gives inspiration
Or gospel that gives you a blessed sensation
Praising God in every nation
Or this type of music
May not be your type of music
Like me, my type of music
Is the sounds of nature and its components
Like listening to the rain in a thunderstorm
Or listening to the thunder itself
Like listening to the trees as the wind blows
Or listening to the birds in the spring
I love listening to the water of the rivers and the oceans
Imagining lily pads floating along the banks and shores
The sound of the wind hitting my face
Feeling it hit my skin
Or the rain giving me coolness
That’s what I can imagine
When I listen to those of the many sounds
That can be created by He who created man
There are so many of them to choose from
Which one soothes and comforts you
I wouldn’t mine sharing mine with you
Take a moment and choose
Your sounds

I have the strongest passion for writing that you can ever imagine. In fact, I have a very strong passion for the Arts in general. They're about feeling and expression, the power to let your mind wonder and let others join you in wonderment. So me, I'm an artist of sorts. I take everything I see and make it creative. Whether it be a story or a poem, whether or be a painting or a sketch, or some lyrical piece, I make sure that my ART is creative no matter what. I make sure it's creative, it's love, it's me...


  • My Morning Story

    I first read this line as
    ” The sound of the wind shitting in my face ”

    but thats more to do with ADD then anything else.

    To share: I personally am in love with soothing sounds that you hear from mother earth. I also love music that you can just feel the emotion. I’m not a big opera fan.. but man.. That stuff moves me no matter what. .. I hate it lol

    🙂 enjoyed your poem 🙂

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