Gray World


All it takes is one step and its back to the beginning
No matter how close to finish,
One misplaced pace can be the start of an ending.
So I’m running trying not to get winded
But the lack of air to my heart can create light and dark blending
So I can’t tell the difference between the shadows and the light
The real and the hype
The day and the night
Don’t know if I’m sleeping on cloud covered concrete or really taking flight
Cuz when it feels like I’m living my dreams, reality strike
Got my pole in life and I’m just looking for a bite
Had a few before but they were just little pikes
Wrestled some sharks before but now its Mayday
My ship is crashing,lightning dashing
and no one’s here to save me.
No FEMA or guard, National or otherwise
heard my call, seen me fall
but could care less if I live or die
So its just me and my inner tube floating through the night
Jacket on but it takes more to preserve this life
Where nothing is ever handed, submission is demanded
and if you go out on your own, you are forever branded
as a failure
Since you went where they couldn’t, did what they wouldn’t
but those with dry lives say you shouldn’t
be a sailor
But if we listened to those people the world would still be flat
The night would still be black
Most fiction still be fact.
Most people have dreams but only a few follow
Few peoples lives are filled, while most people’s are hollow
And I’m trying not to echo
Its hard but I let go
of people tryna break fast, just let go my Eggo
So I’m gone no hello, closing in on the end
Trying to see things as they are but they not when the colors blend

I have been writing for a few years but haven't released my work till recently. I hope you enjoy it and be sure to comment with your honest opinion.


  • runningvein

    Heh, sweet. I like the part where you’re running and realize that the air is not getting to the heart. Air, of course, must first be processed by the lungs, and only the processed materials get to the heart itself, but I get what you’re saying.

  • lbspop

    I really like the water and fishing comparisons in this poem to illustrate the subject. The bit of pop culture reference to the Eggo makes for good ending lines.

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