Scotty and The Lord


Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi, better known as Kid Cudi, recently attended  the 52nd Grammy Awards wearing what appeared to be a gold pyramid on his finger. To the unexpecting eye this would be nothing more than a flashy ring. To a conspiracy theorist this ring would indicate his induction into R.a.P. or Rich and Powerful(the Illuminates). And to me, a Kid Cudi fan, this ring could mean the world.

“Cudi what the hell man? Wouldn’t selling your soul for fame conflict with most of your views on life? I certainly thought so. I thought you would have taken the opposite route, representing everyday people like your fans. I’ve been worried about you lately man.”

With all his recent success and his sudden thrust into stardom, I am starting to think Kid Cudi did more than just record music. His partnership with Kanye is dark, and I believe he might’ve paid for this success. Kayne’s involvment with R.a.P. goes back  when he stole Taylor Swift’s speech. He had carried around a bottle of alcohol with him the entire night, giving the impression he was drunk, maybe reckless. Even without the stunt he pulled gossip magazines everywhere would have said something about the alcohol. He wanted us to think he was drunk, so drunk he ran on stage and interupted the ceremony. Kanye knows better, drunk or not. This was a stunt planned by R.a.P. to gain power and make money one way or another. Kayne appeared on the new show “Jay” on NBC to apologize to his fans and the world. Was this chance or an attempt to boost ratings? Do you think Beyonce’s video lost by coincidence the night Kayne made such a big deal about it? It was all part of the plan. Beyonce is a member of R.a.P. Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, and many other powerful and influential media persons are too.

Cudi’s latest albums contain music that clearly contains subliminal sounds and voices, something common with R.a.P. members. One such sound can be heard on his track, “Simple As” at the very end. Cudi’s music is so unique it attracts many followers, this makes Kid Cudi invaluable to R.a.P. Kid Cudi signed something, whether with blood or ink that gave him happiness temporarily, likely anguish down the road but will never know.




Enlightened, bitches.

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