Tribute To The Pop Legend (Michael Jackson)


I “REMEMBER THE TIME” when you were the lead singer of the Jackson 5, you were such a “PRETTY YOUNG THING” and so adorable.
Among the hits you guys made together,”I WANT YOU BACK”,”ABC” and “I’LL BE THERE” were my favorites.
Whenever i play your songs at night, I’ll hear a voice saying “DON’T STOP TILL YOU GET ENOUGH” obediently i would lay still and “ROCK WITH YOU” in my mind until i fell asleep.
You never looked “BAD” to me and even though a lot of people across the globe wondered why when the thought of the plastic surgery came to you,why didn’t you just “BEAT IT”.
As for me i never cared if you were “BLACK OR WHITE”, me being a fan of yours was beyond skin color and i know that it’s in human nature to be adventurous. The news that you had passed on is still a “THRILLER” to me and still cant believe it and when i go to the mirror to see myself the “MAN IN THE MIRROR” isn’t me and i have no more than to realize that a part of me has left with you.
“THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL” now that you’re gone is like i should go out there and “SCREAM” until i lose my voice,if wishes were horses and i were to ride i would simply wish you “SHAKE YOUR BODY” and show to the world that you aren’t dead.
Now i ask, who will be there, “WILL YOU BE THERE” for the “LOST CHILDREN” who have been hurt and have turned their backs on the world saying “THEY DON”T CARE ABOUT US”?
Who would ever be able to “HEAL THE WORLD” with a voice in the way you did or sing an “EARTH SONG” for the earth to the human beings?
My eyes “WANNA BE STARTING SOMETHING”, i must go and dry them up but before i do i want you to know that you’re never gonna be like a “STRANGER IN MOSCOW” because you got angels waiting for you over there and that means “YOU ARE NOT ALONE” and also i would be joining you someday but i just don’t know when precisely but everyday i breathe brings me closer.
Just like a “SMOOTH CRIMINAL” you came in and stole my heart away with your olive and golden voice ,your death has left me “SPEECHLESS”.


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