Put your rug on my face and line it up perfect as carpenters do laying tiles,

I’ll run my vacuum bristles across it slowly first just to get a taste,

While I’m doing this,

Grip my pole like a telephone worker fixing the wires to get a good connection,

Spreading your door ringing the doorbell with my finger waiting on a answer,

Imagine it’s a joystick as you grip it tighter and rub your thumb across the tip of it,

Licking down each side of your door like water trailing down your back in the shower,

I want you treating me like you pulled a candle from a birthday cake,

Lick the icing off slow then suck on it making sure you get the entire flavor,

Now my tongue is deeper inside you then pipes underground,

Your mouth is sliding down further and tighter then a suction cup getting pulled down,

Now my tongue is jabbing inside you fast and hard,

Your sucking on me like a black widow draining every once from its victim,

Grabbing hold to you by the thighs pulling you in closer trying to smoother myself,

You using more spit and suction then a sand hole sinking in fast,

Bounce on my tongue like you dribbling a ball doing tricks making it pop,

Use your hand and shake it up like a pop trying to make it fizz over,

And at the same time play with my dice like kids playing jacks,

Picking you up like an elevator standing straight up,

Spread your legs so I can lick you from front to back,

I’ll treat you like a marble on a teetering table the way my tongue will be moving,

You keep sticking my plug in and out your socket like you trying to blow a fuse,

Putting you down on your back now I’m on top,

Feeding you my log like tree’s getting shoved in the wood chipping machine,

My mouth is the sponge making sure I get every corner and craves till the tub is clean,

You getting ready to explode and so am I,

The way we’re shaking you would think we suffering from hypothermia,

You bust like you broke your water,

I drink majority of it,

The rest gets on my face making me look like I been crying for hours,

While you let me filly our mouth slowly like putting ice cream in a cup,

And the rest coating your face like Eskimos out all day fishing,

True there are more ways to do this position,

But these are the main ones I love to use to get the baker ready for the cake mix,

69 ways to lick the spoon clean and leave the bowl dry,

All that’s asked is make sure both utensils are clean and ready to be used again.

My name is Bernard Mersier, I reside in Detroit, Michigan. I have published three poetry books, one stage play and two screenplays.

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