conversation between butterfly and caterpillar


CATERPILLAR recognize me

BUTTERFLY (turning away glances over shoulder) excuse me

CATERPILLAR i’m you before you transformed

BUTTERFLY get away you sleazy worm

CATERPILLAR you can’t be serious look at me i’m you

BUTTERFLY look at you? euwwwh you’re a sticky slug with too many legs (pause) i’m exquisite fluttering colorful poetry a celebrity with huge fan base wherever i fly people recognize admire me

CATERPILLAR (creases brow) what happened to you did you forget your past where you come from

BUTTERFLY my past is fiction i’ve always been this lovely luminary (turns profile to audience in exaggerated manner) can’t you see i’m busy go away please leave

CATERPILLAR (bluntly) you’re consumed in vanity drunk on yourself spectacle without substance you make me question my own growing will i become like you

BUTTERFLY stop talking i’m calling 911

CATERPILLAR (sharply) you’re a sickening disappointment another Paris Hilton spin-off i hope to die in the cocoon and be spared the sham of you

BUTTERFLY (speaking into cell phone) yes operator i’m being accosted violated attack in progress please dispatch police immediately

CATERPILLAR you’re pitiful over-reactionary spineless decadent

BUTTERFLY i have nothing more to say law enforcement will be here soon

CATERPILLAR quit fretting i’m out of here i need to find and warn other caterpillars this meeting is a bleak awakening

BUTTERFLY think what you like greasy maggot i’m late for a performance and need to skirt paparazzi

caterpillar trudges off stage left as butterfly ascends over audience



  • My Morning Story

    This was fantastic! What a great idea, and story line. This could easily compare to humans / politics the same way. Where people seem to forget their past and go crazy over the dumbest things.

    I loved it, and its nice to read something fun 🙂

  • MrFun

    Very nice. This could easily be a short play / animation. This reminds me of another quote from Jim Rohn, a motivational speaker. He said “Be careful who you become in pursuit of what you want.” In this particular case, once you get there, you should re-evaluate your life to see that you have not strayed from the person you began as. Anyway, once again, very nice. You’re very talented and I’m sure your success is imminent.

    • mrrupainter

      MrFun thank you for reading and your encouragement i especially appreciated Jim Rohn quote i am grateful to you

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