Young Love…


Don’t you hate when someone has something to say about the one you’re with? When that one person is the only one that keeps you sane,but just everyone wants to kill him/her? ha. Welcome to my world!

Okay, well lets just say my life is way far from perfect…(school shrink sees me). I feel like no one elses here these days listening like they did when I was younger,why is that,well let me explain its a little thing called growing up. Knowing what is right and wrong. Is dating someone older that big of a deal? No. So why run your mouth saying.. ‘Yo,this girl needs serious help!’

People, never tell that to a kids friends parents. It ruins their lives!

Anyway,on to why this story is called to that reason. I fell in love early, way too early in fact. Me and this guy have been “together” going on three years. There has been more arguments then you think. That is indeed why, I try to move on to make other people happy.. but what if I can’t? do you know who you’re going to be with for the rest of your life or is it true that you have to let them go and see if they come back to be true love?

One day,I hope to find my answers to some of these. But for now, I’m just going to live my life doing things that I do.


[refered by Raven]

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  • My Morning Story

    Life is sure complex isn’t it! especially when it comes to love. Everyone seems to carry an opinion and sometimes you just need to look past their opinion and say screw it.

    I have found that friends aren’t usually friends, and family will learn to accept.. So Its best just to take your own route in life and see where you end up!

    Thats my belief anywyas.

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