How to Earn Money Writing Online

Recently My Morning Story has made it possible for all of its members to begin earning AD revenue on his/her stories.  For regular contributors, they will be earning 40% while our Premium contributors will be earning up to 100% on his/her story and profile page.  You can become a premium member by simply contributing stories and comments regularly on the site.  Premium members must have a habit of commenting on other peoples stories/poems as well.

How Revenue Sharing Works

When you write for My morning Story, your Ad’s are shown on your blog posts 40% of the time. The earnings on your post will be directly credited to your AdSense account. Apart from the revenue you get from AdSesne, we are have many contests throughout the year.

The amount a story get’s depends on the how well you market, the freshness of the topic, your formatting, how images are used  and how well your story is written. It does not depend on the length of the Story.

If you are copying posts from other sites, your account will be terminated immediately and you be banned from the site permanently.

How many ad slots do you get?

We are currently showing 4 ad units in the most prominent locations of the site to maximize the CTR

  • Linked unit below the logo.
  • Large rectangle below the storyt title.
  • Large rectangle below the story.
  • Long rectangle on each sidebar.

The remainder of this post will be a Tutorial for users looking to take advantage of earning money through our AD service.  Because we are using Google Advertising at My Morning Story we ask that each of you make  your own account with google to begin earning money. So go ahead and read along, or watch the video for help.

Option A: Watch the Video

Option B: Read through

1st: We begin by going to Google Ads and making ourselves a user name

2nd: This will bring your new google Adsense Account page. From here click on Adsense Setup > Adsense for content > begin creating a generic Ad.

3rd: Scroll to the bottom of the next few pages and hit the word (Continue)

4th: After a few times of clicking continue you will see the words *Submit and Get Code* Click it

5th: Now we are done! All you need to do is grab two numbers off of this page with the code. The two things you will need will be the Google Pub ID and the Google Ad Slot ID.

6th: In order to start earning cash you must have your Pub ID.  The Google Ad Slot ID is somewhat optional but recommended.  In the next few steps you will be going back to MyMS and signing in. After you sign in, click on the Submissions Tab underneath your Profile Image

7th: This brings us to our last final step. After clicking Submissions Area you will find yourself immersed in the Back End of the website. On the left you will notice that you have a multiple of options (Dashboard, Posts, Profile) Etc… These are all ways for the users to modify their account. Today you will be clicking on *My Google Income* Which is located right underneath Dashboard on the left hand side.

My Morning Story
As the Administrator to My Morning Story, I am here to feel all of your pain. Please let me know the problems you are having with MyMS and how you feel we could make things better.

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