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My Morning Story is a Entertainment,Writing, Social Media hub where you can contribute all types of stories.

Submit A Story

  • To Submit a Story you must open a new account with us by Registering . Once you are a My Morning Story user you will notice a Write A Story icon next to your log-in credentials on the Slide Out menu on the top of the screen.  Once you click this icon it will take you to a submission form page to write your story from scratch and or copy and paste it from a word document.
  • On the right  hand side of the page, you will notice a place to save your story as Pending.  My Morning Story is different from other sites, in that posting your stories takes about 7 days for us to review it, add an image and place it on the site. If you are interested in Earning Money from your stories Just click the link to find out how.

Writing Guidelines

  • All Fiction genres are acceptable, but depending on the ‘intensity’ of the story please identify and mark the story for an appropriate age group inside the category box. This gives us the ability to open the site up to all for all ages.
  • All work must be your own original creation. If My Morning Story finds that you have stolen work from someone else, we will inform all parties as well as delete your account from our user base in it’s entirety.

Submission Process

All stories can be submitted in two different ways:

  1. To submit a story Anonymously  must be done by contacting the administrator: mymorningstory@gmail.com
  2. For everyone else, you must become a Member to My Morning Story

Stories submitted via email can take up to 2 or 3 weeks to be posted on My Morning Story. These  stories are under a larger microscope for editing and publishing due to the anonymous tag on them.  Stories submitted via members will take usually between 7-10 days.  My Morning Story will never post more then two stories a day and each story will have it’s right to the front page of our Magazine Style layout.  This broadens the people to see and or read each work.

If you are not comfortable submitting your work online, we strongly recommend you seek out one of our Chapters and join one of their LivePoetry/story events held across the country. If you belong to a chapter already, please let us know their website and name so we can add them into our chapters list.

Multiple Submissions

We do accept multiple submissions from you, but we will post each work 7 to 10 days apart from each other. This gives other users the opportunity to post in-between your stories.  If you submit a story over 8000 characters long we also tend to break the story up and submit it over a  part 1 and part 2 type of process.


We strongly feel it is important to compensate our writers even if it is a minimalist amount. My Morning Story works directly with *Google Advertising* So in order to best treat our user base we have set up an information field for users to place his/her Google Advertising Publisher ID.  For each story published the user will receive 75% of the Advertising revenue. Click Here to learn more about Earning Money at My Morning Story.

In order to get the best results from our advertising program we strongly recommend you marketing your stories by: Facebook, twitter, & other media hubs. The more people that check out your work will directly influence how much you earn.

Terms & Agreement

Because of the aggressive scheduling for each story/poem published on My Morning Story we ask that you do not request to have your work taken off of the site for a minimum of 30 days.  This gives the story the opportunity to go through an editing process, be emailed to all subscribers, and go through the magazine styled front page of the site.

When you become a member we will use your email address to address all members a few select times a year about updates and future plans of the site. We do this to remind our writers that we are here to stay and continue to find ways to grow.

CopyRight Information

For those of you questioning CopyRight Information it can get rather complex, so bear with me if you will.  When something is posted on the internet, it is automatically published.  Most writing websites ask that you do not publish your work anywhere else before submitting it to their website. They do this for a multitude of reasons, but to get to my point is My Morning Story does not hold that standard.  My Morning Story actually urges you to publish your work in your own blog or in different areas online. This helps your work grow which is the essential goal in the first place.

My Morning Story also gives the owner of the work full rights to anything that happens.  If you the user no longer want your story online we will take it off immediately. The only thing that we ask is upon publishing your story that you wait a full 30 days before asking to take your work down.

If someone tries to steal your work and pawn it off as their own, you can use My Morning Story as a base for your argument.  Each story/poem is posted with a Time Stamp and the Authors Name, thus making it a published piece and illegal to steal. If something strange does  happen like this My Morning Story will goto bat for you and do everything in it’s power to make sure everything is ok.

If this copyright information is not enough for you, we strongly recommend you seeking us out to ask more questions or finding different sites with more CopyRight law information.

My Morning Story
As the Administrator to My Morning Story, I am here to feel all of your pain. Please let me know the problems you are having with MyMS and how you feel we could make things better.

Thank you

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