Cold Nights


Standing there Abel noticed he was cold, wet and tired. Something at ankle level compelled him to look down, “I’m standing in water, No wonder why I’m wet!” he said.

The time must have been 4am, much past his normal hours of sleep. “Sleep walking? Where the hell am I?” Sirens rang into his ears, and were clearly coming toward his direction. Abel ran quickly behind one of the suburban house fences and waited for the cops or whomever to drive by. After a moment he realized he was laying down in a thick patch of grass in a suburban neighborhood. ‘I live in the city, where the hell am I?’

Two what seemed to be undercover cop cars came up to the location and parked. One of the female officers stepped out of the vehicle and began to walk over to the puddle of water. She noticed a small amount of alcohol in the puddle, bent down and forwarded the other woman officer to come over. After about ten minutes of what seemed to be useless searching around the puddle they noticed Abel crouching behind the fence. Abel, as spry as he is jumped out and began to run. “It’s gotta be like ten degrees out here, but I’m not even wearing pants.”Abel thought to himself running down the dark streets of suburbia.

The first female officer soon caught up to Abel grabbing him and pulling him down to the ground. “I am not done with you sexy boy” speaking to him in a stripper type voice as she cuffed herself to him. “Oh, this has got to be the greatest night ever.” he thought to himself.

28 Male from north Delaware. I have No idea what I am doing, but I am doing it.

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  • runningvein

    All of a sudden, he’s in a precinct office, being talked up by Cagney and Lacey. His tongue flaps out, numb from the drugs they’d been feeding him, and he says, “Fwha? Fwhy? Fwhy?”

    They were doing a number on him.

    (amusing piece)

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