my past two weeks


My, how just a few days can change everything. Just a few days ago I was joking about writing a book about the various flavors of Ramen noodles. I’ve already had 15. However, that was two weeks ago.  Two weeks ago I was a temp worker; a temp worker with a fan-fucking-tastic resume. I had been working in a bakery not quite in, but very near the “ghetto” of Rochester NY. Some degenerate dirtbag mother fucker stole my titanuim frame race bike from the bakery the day of Critical Mass. For those of you that dont know Critical Mass is a group ride for everyone in any major city. Its the last friday of the month. Payday. That was the day I found out my bike was gone. So I walked home from “the hood” as it’s known. Then I found out that that particular day was the last day of my temp assignment. The secretary.

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