Deplore (poem)

I sit in my room constantly
Unable to close my eyes
I sit here and wonder
How did I fail in all those attempted tries
I guess what people say is true
“Life isn’t fair”
Because the more I try
The more you aren’t there
You say that you are here for me
I have yet to see when
Every time things seem better
Things all fall down again
So here is another poem
This one about my only deplore
I love you so much
But I can’t take it anymore
I feel so neglected
When I see my feelings thrown
How can a house feel like home
When you’re always so alone
How can you say you love me
When you give someone else all your time
And you hurt me so much
That I can put it in a rhyme
The bond we once had
You decided to unfurl
How could you do that
To your only little girl




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