I CAN SEE (poem)

I look to the darkness

The dead of night

Holding back fear

Holding back fright

I hear her words

She speaks to me

And once again

I can see

Her body is pale

Her touch so cold

She is so young

But looks so old

I see her gashes

Every cut

She shows me the way

But the door is stuck shut

Her voice is sore

From all of her screams

She’s in my thoughts

and comes to me in dreams

Her teeth are rotted

They are tinted black

Her beautiful smile

Shall never come back

With a few words

She disappears

I then wake up

With a face full of tears



  • Just!ne

    Oh my, this reminds me of some feelings I had when I went through periods of mourning, either that or I’m guessing the narrator dreamed of a ghost?

  • My Morning Story

    sounds like some freddy Krueger type of story obviously w/ a different crazy character.

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