The Figure


It was a night just like any other: cold, dark, and lonely.  The only sound able to be heard was that of the light bulbs burning.  Standing there at the bathroom sink alone, he was aware of this.  Tired, he was, he began to wash up for bed.  He bent over the sink to rinse his face, then turned off the faucet.  However, he continued to hear water running.  When he looked up he saw, in the mirror, the tub faucet running.  He stood puzzled as it slowly turned to droplets, then turned off.  Still, unscathed, he continued getting ready.  He walked from the bathroom, through the halls to his room wearily.  He was still thinking about the faucet.  He crawled into bed and proceeded to shut his eyes and sleep.  That’s when he heard the running water again.  Alarmed, he rose and ran to the bathroom and flipped on the light.  Nothin’.  He ran to the kitchen and hit the light.  The water flowed intensely from the faucet!  He turned it off and went back to bed.  Then it came on again and again he turned it off and went to sleep.  This chilling sequence went on and on, finally causing him to just stay awake the whole entire night.

The next morning he was greeted by the sounds of sizzling on the stove.  Confused, because his family had all left for work and school, he ran to the kitchen.  He all but fainted; he saw no one.  So he turned off the stove and decided to search around.  He searched the house up and down in detail.  Satisfied in finding nothing, yet uneasy for the same reason.  He decided not to let it get to him, so he went about his business.  He drove around town on some errands and to see some old friends.  Pulling back in his driveway, he noticed something odd.  For standing in the top attic window was a figure.  This figure just stared back at him right into his eyes.  Then, it disappeared into thin air!  Startled, but not rattled, he goes inside and once in, he settles down.

Couple of hours pass with nothing happening.  Then the school bus pulls up and his little sister steps off.  She starts to walk up the drive, then freezes!  So he opens a window and yells, “Hey, why did you stop?”  She doesn’t answer but rather points straight ahead.  He peered out the window to see.  Nothin’.  He yells out, “Inside.”  She ran inside, slamming the door behind her!  He sits her down with a drink and once she regained speaking ability, he asks, “What did you see?”  She replies, “I saw a figure in the garden staring back at me.”  He figured it was the same one he saw earlier.

The day turns into night with both parents working late, they head out for pizza.  They arrive home around 8pm with their father following around 9pm.  They tell him about the figure they have seen and he agreed to keep a look out for it and that they would discuss it further the following day after work.  The step-mom says the same after pulling in around 11pm.  He tries to force himself to sleep after the day’s activities, then finally the sun rises and another day begins.  With both parents coming home early, meant more daylight to search in.  Search they did, then finally, in the garden, they discovered; BONES!  They decided that would be enough discovery for one day.  As the sun sets, they all did their best to put the day’s discovery out of their mind.  One by one, they headed off to bed.

Hours turn to days and days turn to weeks without so much as a strange noise being heard.  Until one night, he did hear a strange noise coming from the garden.  He had absolutely no intention of going out there alone at night!  The noise grew louder and stronger until it eventually awoken everyone in the house.  They all converged in the living room and began thinking of what to do.  However, as quickly as it appeared, the noise was gone.  Startled, they all decided to crash right where they were!  As the morning sun came into the windows, none of them could recall a time when it was so bright and welcomed.  They all went off to school and work and once again, he was alone.  All day he tried to catch a glimpse of the figure, but came up empty.

Midday came and found him sleeping peacefully in his bed.  Then he was abruptly awaken by the blaring of the television in the living room.  He raced to turn it off, then searched around.  He could feel the figure’s presence in the room with him!  He retreated to his room.  Later that night, he told his tale and the rest of the night, they were on guard.  He had just about forgotten about the figure when, seemingly out of nowhere, it walked in and stopped right at the foot of his bed!  He sprang up immediately!  Suddenly, it spoke, “Hello, I am the spirit you seek.  Enjoy my house!”  Then it vanished instantly.  Stunned, he lay back down thinking about the encounter.

The incident made him that much more inquisitive than ever!  Naturally, he shared his experience with the rest of them.  After careful consideration, he concluded that some things are better left unexplained.  Also, the figure posed no threat to anyone.  After dinner, a game, and some tv, they decided to get some well deserved shut eye.  With everyone off to sleep, he figured he’d do the same.  So, he went to get ready for bed and proceed to go about his life.  For it was a night just like any other: cold, dark, and lonely.  The only sound able to be heard was that of the light bulbs burning.  Standing there, at the bathroom sink alone, he was aware of this.




Clifford B Mason
I'm a father with a son who's growing oh so fast with a loving fiance. I enjoy writing and sharing my work with others. I hope that people find my work entertaining and readable.


  • she-ra

    Well, I don’t know about finding bones. Human Bones? i would think that the police would be called immediately. This IS a reason to be freaked out. This story needed more. Also, some of the wording was inappropriate, and needed proof reading.Other than that, a really good writer is in there.

  • Clifford B Mason

    Thank you, I’ll keep that in mind as I contine writing. I do believe it could be extended and added to a bit. There was an older house that was built in the 1800s right where our garden was! At a time when farmlands & dude ranches ruled the area, it turned out to be mainly cow bones.

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