FLEA (poem)


My heart starts to break
My feelings then unfurl
How can you tell me you love me
And then be with another girl
Since I’ve told you I love you
I’ve stood by my word
As time goes by I love you more
To the point where my vision is blurred
Night after night I lay alone
Wishing you were next to me
My desires leave my insides itching
Like an always hungry flea
I wish I could just run to you
And never let you go
But that’s just not possible
A sad truth I’m forced to know
I guess I should let these feelings go
But that’s something I can’t do
Like you, I could be with someone else
But I can’t, because all I want is you
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4 thoughts on “FLEA (poem)

  1. Fleas are real bastards. Last summer we had to deal with a full on attach of them, it was so miserable! We couldn’t even wear open toed shoes or pants for fear of being eaten alive by the little cretins.

  2. It can take days, weeks, months,, even YEARS to get over someone. love is confusing and complex.

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