Lullaby of the Banshee (poem)

I don’t want to spend another moment
In the arms of which will one day let me fall
I don’t want to keep moving forward
Because I know one day we will stall
Please don’t look at me that way
Stop trying to make me smile
For now everything seems so perfect
But it won’t be in a little while
Don’t try to wipe my tears
Just let me cry
Because one day you’ll leave too
And it’s all I will have to fill an empty good-bye
Don’t fill my mind with hope
Please don’t tell me not to fear
I don’t trust in love
Just let me be stuck here
Just go now before it starts to hurt
I already feel it sting
I’ve already said it once before
Happiness my heart does not bring
I want to lock up my own heart
And throw away the key
One day I will mean nothing to you
So leave me to hear the lullaby of the banshee


  • Mel

    If I could pick a poem to describe me the best.. I still believe this one would be the one

  • Just!ne

    I like this poem a lot because I’ve been where the speaker has. It’s a little similar to the message in your poe ‘Believe’ where you have forfeited love and truth because in the end it may turn into loathing and falsehoods.

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