Rayna -Ghost Story-

He didn’t look anything like she expected. His eyes a glowing almond that seemed tense with some sort of anger, his ebony hair plastered to his native skin and his lips tugging in a frightening sneer. Before she could speak, the hallway clock struck one and glass broke all around her. Soon a delightful smell of lavender overpowered her and the boy with his group of friends hurried back down the steps they came from. “Wait!” She tried to call out but more glass shattered then made her freeze. She quickly ran to the stairs, stumbling to make her way to the boys. Only they had disappeared. “Damn it.”

“Looking for someone, darling?” A husky male voice whispered in her ear. She turned to face the voice but no one was there. She searched through the darkness of the cafeteria but was disappointed to find nothing. “Wanna join us?” the words made her jump, a fearful shiver escaped up and down her spine.

“Who’s there?” she started but paused when there was no answer. “What do you mean by joining you?”

“This is what we mean.” The boy with the glowing eyes stepped out of the dark revealing a new him. His skin a sick gray color, cuts lashed into his skin. Before she could speak, in lightening speed; he was in front of her. He reached out his hands and it went right through her. Terrified, she fell backwards, over the stairs railings and onto the basement floor. A liquid red color seeping out of her skull, eyes widen with fright. The boy disappeared. The girl was named Rayna and she was found after a few days and the group of boys were never found. But it was said, a new girl came to school and she looked exactly like Rayna; only she seemed perfect, flawless. She hung out with a group of boys that also were perfect, with ghost-like features. They kept to themselves and whenever someone tried to talk to them; they went missing ot found dead.

Shelby Nultemeier
I am Shelby!!!! But I prefer to be called Star for my passions for moons, Stars and planets!!! I am in love with music, writing, reading and my muse who are my best friends; Chelsea and Miranda!!! I am 16 years old, born on November 9th, 1994! I love food. HOT WINGS! PIZZA! WAFFLES WITH NUTELLA ON IT!!!


  • Just!ne

    This is definitely spooky! I hope there will be more to this story, like some back-history on the sadistic group of boys. Surely they have a reason for their actions.

  • My Morning Story

    The scene was very fast paced but very interesting. It sounds like it could wind up turning into an urban legend (somehow someway) i donno.

    I really enjoyed it though.

  • Craig Gusmann

    Great beginning to what I hope will be a deeper mythology, as our wonderful admin up there mentioned. Be careful that you always use the active voice though, as some of the language you used was inconsistent. It took me a long time to learn that in my writing, and it’s easy to slip out of it, so keep that in mind.

    Keep telling stories, you’re good at it.

  • runningvein

    A lot of indiscretions revealed in this piece. Like it.

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