Paragraphs of Music

I have decided, for my first story, to share some paragraphs I wrote whilst listening to music. Sounds wierd? I actually find writing to a song (sad, happy or relaxing) helps me give out ideas. I literally write what I feel happens in this song and then tidy it up a bit 😀

I hope you enjoy some, if you want to know the links to each song I use, they will be with the paragraph I wrote. Thanks



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EQ6eHeBrhM&feature=related                                   Sad Violin

I stared down at the defeated hero. His words fell from his lips as he looked at the painful wound. The dark villain saw him breathing deeply, grabbing the air with his hands, trying to catch his breath. The dark figure cackled. He slowly went down on his knees, whispered something in the hero’s ear and stabbed him hard in the torso. Silent cries filled the atmosphere. The figure turned to me, covering his eyes with his glove. He crawled over to my body, picked me up and carried me to the hero. He stood and dropped a small device next to my shoulder. I tried to turn to see what it was, but I was too late. The timer rang in my ears, in my soul and the last echo of a sound came from the bomb which exploded in my hands. I roared with pain, blood sliding down my arms. I peeked at my missing arm, the broken knee and the damaged heart. I cried out to my last hope… I stood there once more, watching myself die in the hands of my father.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBmjd2xplrY&feature=related                                         Happy Instrumental

Jim looked up, air balloons filled the bright blue sky with magical feelings. The festive cries of joy rang in his ears. The tuneful beats from the small band by the old Oak Tree made the slight nods from peoples heads turn into a dance. The heart felt singing from the choir made the world feel warm. The sound of the sausages on the pan, the smell of home-made doughnuts in their paper bags. The street was piled up with pink clouds in the air. Children ate the delightful treats they where given, parents enjoyed a drink from past friends and teenagers made new true friends. A huge clap from the stage and and the whole place was filled with lights, artists singing like crazy and soft piano tunes gathered the crowds together. Angelic dancers set the place on fire. The long nights kept on going. Tents where pitched up, music from every corner.



My body twisted around to the small alleyway down the most quietest road in town. My brain whirled out facts, my mind about to explode. I shook my conclusions and followed the wind. I was led down a muddy pathway, a small flicker of light came from the distance. An old shack appeared. The flicker of light turned into a gloom of lightning. The air felt dry and the ground moved under my feet. I looked up, shadows looking anxious at my arrival. I slowly thought, slowly trudging through

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  • Just!ne

    I like this composition a lot! The imagery was very thorough, and it allowed the reader to soak in each sentence, to clearly picture each action. This is a job well done 🙂

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