What are friends for?

Joe was not jaded, and he did not look at Dorothy with eyes of disdain, hatred or even jealousy that can only come from deep love that had been crossed.  The look in Joe’s eyes was blank; there was no feeling at all behind his eyes and he felt nothing.  He could stand looking at Dorothy and not flinch.  It was his hands that had gone through the motions of a loving touch just minutes prior.  There had been laughter in the room at that time.  Dorothy was playing the game, in front of their party guests.


Dorothy could have bathed in the material aspect of her world.  By all rights, if money could buy happiness, Dorothy should have been excited about every sunrise.  Dorothy had the finest fashions, a grand house, a personal pool, and no debt.  None of these material things could change her fate.  Dorothy couldn’t tell anyone of her fate.  Truthfully, she didn’t truly believe it herself.  Even if she could bring herself to speak with someone, she had no reason to believe anyone would care.  People had seen the cast on her arm after “the accident”.  There wasn’t a living person that would do more than glance at her, and give her a shallow, “I am sure you will be alright” type of answer.  The world Dorothy was in, did not allow her to speak about disgraceful acts.


Dorothy had always been supported by Suzy.  Suzy used to talk to her for hours about her dreams, aspirations and what the future held for them.  At one time, Suzy had sworn an undying oath of friendship to Dorothy.  The truth though, Suzy was not Dorothy’s real friend.  Suzy was more of the person that was around.  This is not a real friendship, and that fact would show true.

Anger had built up in Suzy.  Suzy’s first act of jealousy happened after the violent impact of the car.  Dorothy was unconscious after a car “accident”.  Suzy stomped on Dorothy’s shoulder dislocating it out of the socket.

The truth about the matter now, Dorothy was emotionally numb.  She had no fear of death any more.  Dorothy’s eyes were looking directly at Joe and Suzy when they had their first kiss.  Just a week prior, Suzy had attended Joe and Dorothy’s wedding. This was the first time Suzy had let herself feel anything for Joe, but it would not be the last.


The first kiss had filled Suzy with a passion she had never before experienced.  Her friendship with Dorothy was really jealousy.  Suzy wanted to be the one getting married, wanted the clothes, wanted the beautiful life with Joe.  Suzy would have Joe to herself.


It was satisfying, as Suzy felt Dorothy’s neck snap between her fingers.


Just then, from down the hall “Suzy, dinner is ready, and don’t forget to wash your hands.” Her mom called out as part of their evening routine.  Suzy would have a long tedious night at the dinner table.  Mom had fixed broccoli.


As Suzy entered the dining room, she secretly wished she could put this adult world behind her.  She was anxious to get back to her Joe.  Dorothy’s head was in her right pocket, and she felt relaxed as she could feel its outline through her shorts.  At least Joe will be there waiting when I get back.  He had better comply with her commands or his head would fit nicely in her left pocket.



  • Just!ne

    This is definitely flash fiction, but I wonder if would have been possible to do more of a character background on Suzy. The fact that she has to power to dismember someone in an untraditional fashion, has me curious about what she is, and if her parents are aware of it.

    • wlundberg

      That is exactly the feeling I wanted to leave the reader pondering. When the idea of horror came to mind, I thought about the dread a parent may feel as they glimpse at what may appear to be an unstable child, or is it standard emotions any little girl may go through as they deal with a previously inexperienced emotion. I am not a parent, but I would have no concept of how I would deal with a child that was experiencing these thoughts. For me, it frightens me to think I may have an offspring that could ponder cold blooded murder. This characteristic was given to a daughter instead of a son, because it brings up different levels of fear, because we don’t think of our little girls as having a true dark side. Not that I know any better, but television portrays men as the serial killers, and the news tends to back up that mind set. What female serial killers does the reader know about? What would one look like at a young age? What steps would a parent take, even if they saw “signs”? What is the difference between jealousy and envy when first explored by a little girl? How do they work through to a healthy stable understanding of these emotions. I don’t have a clue, but I know one thing…. I don’t want to have to face those questions in real life. That is why the story is “horror” to me.

  • My Morning Story

    I have to say, I do get semi confused that a human head is in her right pocket.. i mean how big are the pockets.. why not the purse? or … something..

    That being said, freakin stll very creepy ending there..

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