The 12 Days of Sexmas

12 Days of Sexmas


On the twelfth day of Sexmas, my true skank gave to me:


12 used condoms,

11 anal plugs,

10 squirts of lube,

9 mini vibes,

8 hasty handjobs,

7 nipple nibbles,

6 asses clapping,

Fiiiiivvvvve golden cock rinnnnnnggggggsss,

4 prostitutes tooting,

3 fingers banging,

2 lapdances,


and a really bad case of herpes!

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7 thoughts on “The 12 Days of Sexmas

  1. Greatest song ever … yes I do find myself singing this repeatedly

  2. plz – add this on StumbleUpon & send me the link to like it ;)

  3. I stumbled upon this without using StumbleUpon and I like it. I used to go to a happy hour on 2nd St. in San Francisco with the creators of StumbleUpon. Their office was right across the street from mine. This is funny and should replace the old boring version for good.

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