Pretty Little Liars

This is for the people who enjoy Pretty Little Liars.

Chapter One – Flashback

There was a street lamp about 10 feet away from some shadows. The shadows were of four girls. The four girls were walking along the side of the path and entering a nearby house. Soon they were talking and all sorts with many people. Everyone there looked about 17. “Amelia! Gillian! Haley! Katrina! Photo!” then there was a snap of a camera and a flash of light. A person showed the four girls the photo where they all smiled. They stood in the order of what the man shouted them in.

Amelia Lily Jameson was the first girl. It was a fact that people called her Amy. She had really light brown hair and blue eyes. She was a little pale with freckles. She was quite small and dressed in day to day outfits such as jeans and a tee.

Gillian Thompson was second. She was called Gilly often. She was slightly bigger than Amelia in more ways than one. She had ginger hair with millions of freckles, glasses and blue eyes. She dressed in odd clothes.

Katrina Anna Prescott, third. Kat, they called her. She was tall with blonde hair and green eyes. She had a nice tan. She wore denim normally.

Haley Burke, Hales, last. Black hair, brown eyes, tall-ish. She was actually an Asian but born in England and didn’t believe in the Asian’s ways really. She wore dresses.

The girls were in a local college called Greenwood College. They were all 16 years old. All friends. All unique. Amelia was the one who always got into relationships and then got out again. Gillian was always the nerd around school. Katrina wasn’t anything special but she was amazing in her own way and Haley… well. That’s another story. Haley Burke, Hales. Murdered at 16 years old… and no one knows why or who by. Haley Burke, deceased. No body found.

Chapter Two – Dead Ends.

Dragging bags around, three girls were seen walking along a crowded corridor. They were in college. Entering a class, they sat down at their desks. Katrina at the front left. Amelia at the left middle far back. Gillian at the front right middle. It wasn’t strange to see the girls a little upset but Gillian was always happy to be in English. Her parents were strict but Gilly seemed to like half of it. They got out their equipment and started to work.

“Gillian, what say you on the Shakespeare play of Romeo and Juliet?” the teacher asked. She had her hair in a bun and some black lens glasses on the tip of her nose. She sat at the edge of her own desk.

“Romeo Montague was a fictional character of one of Shakespeare’s plays. There are many versions of to how he dies, but only dies however after Juliet kills herself with poison or a dagger, whilst some versions contain and pistol. Juliet, kills herself after hearing Romeo is dead, miss Kelsall.” Gilly prided. She knew everything.


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