What’s fair is not love – Part 2;

The most irritating part of anyone’s life is the start of the week. When you are suddenly throw out to your cubicle. But this Monday was  the same for me. I had to reach my training center, they were paying me for not even doing anything. This was the last month of my training in Alpha-3 Info-tech and there was no possibility of me being selected for a Project.

I dressed up in my regular attire. My workplace was a bit far from my house, but all my friends live over here. So i opted to live here. Strictly speaking i didn’t require the job or a project, but if i will go to my home. There is a great possibility that i will get married. So i had to do this. Every single word of my mom was audible to me when i stood in the front of the mirror.

It was already 7:18 and i had to reach the stop by 7:22. The only bus to my workplace was scheduled at 7:22. I reached the stop, 2 min before the Bus. When the bus came, everybody rushed in and i was left at the back. I could have too moved ahead, but there was no point as the bus was empty enough. I checked a guy checking me out, i don’t know whether he was smiling at me or something else. I moved into the bus and checked for the available option that i have. But bad luck, there were not many seats left so i sat along with the guy who was checking me out.

I haven’t seen him before on the bus and this was the only bus on the route. And his happy mood specially on Monday morning was telling only one thing that he is new to the bus and to the company. I looked at him, he was looking at his watch. He was looking very energetic so i opted not to involve in talk with him. I preferred to listen to my I-POD, thanks to Mr. Jobs. But speaking truly, he was good looking and i was still imagining him starting talks with me. But i never wanted to start the conv., as this could have my point weaker.


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