SoulMate-New World Chapter 1

Soul Mate-New World Book One


 Chapter 1 New Beginning

 My Name is Adalynn Haile Matthews. I am 20 years old. I am just now coming into my powers am a fairy/demi god I had never been in the human world but today my mother Sophia Matthews and my father Owen Matthews came to my room to tell me that it’s my time to leave the fairy world to find my soul mate and the only thing I know about him is he a Vampire his name is Ethan Davidson over 3,000 years-old Irishman with red’s blonde hair he has two Prodigy Elizabeth Angelo, she 1,000 and Nicholas Tyler is 700 years old. They live in Washington DC that is why my father to want me to move there he does not know me at all, and he douses not know that I am moving to be next to him to get to know him now I am setting on my bed thinking what he is going to be like, or if he is nice when there was a knock on my bedroom door come in I said. Here comes in Isabella Walker and Emma Treewood my two best friends. So what happened Isabella said as she and Emma came in the room and set on my bed with me. I looked at them thinking about what I am going to tell them my father knew. I did not wait to go to the mortal world alone he told me to ask them if they want to come or not we have not been apart before we three has always been together as day one so as I look at my blood sisters as we called are self when we as 16 years old to now at 20 years old. I just came out with so I said I have to go to the mortal world to find my soul mate, I said I know that when I said this, they are going to have a cow! WHAT! They both said at the same time why do you have to go to the mortal world for they can’t find you a soul mate here in fairy world Emma said will my mom said that when I was born my other half of my soul as are ready in alive in the mortal world, so I have to leave in a week to find him my dad said that I could ask you two if you want to come with me to live there he said that he bought a four-bedroom house three bathrooms in Washington DC. You want the both of us to go with you to find your soul mate? Isabella said yes I want you both to come with me do you want to come with me Emma? I sat on my bed looking at both Emma is not saying a lot I hope she comes with me. I know Isabella is coming she asking so many Questions not wanting to come. I hope Emma is coming. Emma are you coming to? Yes, it’s just a lot to take in that’s all Emma said so Isabella and Emma do you want to Help me pack my things and tomorrow and the next I help you with your things? YES!! Both said that what we did all day was clean my room and box’s everything up, so I can move into the human world when my two best friends went home, I set back on my bed again for a bit to think about what the Haman World is going to be like when there was a knock on my door. Come in I said how are you Adalynn My Guardian Caroline asked me I was ok just tried from moving everything in box’s My Dad is going to help me get everything in at brand new houses next week then I am leaving here a week after that to meet my unknown boss. That’s Good Adalynn. I will be coming with you that why your father wanted me to come-on talk to about and give you little more Info on Your Mate whom you will be meeting in two or three months and tell you what job you will be doing and who your boss is going to be and his name. So Caroline. What do you know about my Mate that My Father did not tell me? Can I come sit with you on your bed Adalynn? Yes, you can I said, so what do you have to tell me Caroline? She came to my bed and sat down. Will the I meet your Mate 100 years go? He was in North Dakota at the time I was living the as will he was very hm-mm? What do you girls call the boys these days oh yes a big player will that he was, and he was good at it as well until one night he was at a night club when a vampire woman came in looking for him? You see he was not for one to stack around to be in a committed Healthy Relationship with a woman, as long as I know him so when she came in the club, I know that something was going to be bad I just get that feeling sometimes, but anyway, she came in the club mad as hell she was calling out his name, I remember that day so will Ethan Davidson, where are you little shit I what to know why you have been gone from the house for three weeks by this time he was come down to see why she was so loud. Adalynn looked at Caroline thinking why is she telling all of this. I thought she so going to tell me something good I felt like crying now I asked her, why are you telling me this Cora? That's my name I call her when it's only me and her, why are you telling me about my mate and another woman when you know that I going to the human world in two weeks time to find him? By now. I am crying hard I feel that I barely die looking at Cora feeling my world is about to end because I felted that Cora did not want me to be with my mate, Cora looked at me with sad eyes again and told me why she said anything, because I trying to tell you that your mate was different back then as a mate. You need to know all of his Low and high's there are other out there that what bring you and him apart, you can't let them. You have to me the strong woman whom I know that you are. I looked at Cora, she is really serious about telling me about my mate Ethan. I said go on tell me why he changed Cora? Ok when I tell you the tale of your mate, you can't stop me. Until I am done alright Adalynn? Yes, I understand Cora goes on with the story about my mate. It will as you can see it was, was about 100 years ago when this happened. He was mad as hell at the vampire woman being booming about him, he was with another at the time her name was Leila, she was my friend at the time. So I know she was not going to like another woman being roaring about Ethan when there was other supernaturals. There to see it and talk about it with other people, so she told Ethan to get the vampire woman out of the club, so she can talk to her and find out why she saying that she was with him when she knew that can't be true when she has been with him about seven months. So by this time, I came to Leila and, told her to let Ethan talk to the Vampire Woman and see what she had to say so as you can see that she did and hear everything he and the vampire woman had to say to each other, that night Adalynn, I lose a good friend because of Ethan's ways with the woman. Back then Leila was bad about her temper that she loses it, and she attacks the Vampire Woman and lose her life because of it. Leila did not know she was a Witch Turn Vampire with one look, she killed Leila with fire. Ok sorry I have to stop you. I and confused. Why did she not kill Ethan for playing her Adalynn asked? Cora looked at Adalynn with that same distressing eye look, she feels so unhappy for her that she had to ask her. Cora are you alright? Yes, Adalynn I am just that it's hard to talk about I know Leila for 60 years before she died, but I will tell you why The Vampire Witch did not kill Ethan it's because at the time Ethan was the Prince of North Dakota at the time for the King Lucas of all Vampires when you kill any Vampire Prince or Princess of any state even if you are one of them. You are put to Death right then, and there I will tell you more on the Supernatural being's that you're going to meet when we will get to the human world tomorrow there is a book that I will go and bring yourself to read up on. Back to the Leila story when she was killed as it turned out the Vampire Woman was Princess Abigail of New York City, and everyone calls her. The bad-ass Witch as they called her because of her powers and what she can do with them. Princess Abigail was in her right to kill Leila for Attacking her; I was so upset that I need to go back to the fairy world to heal from what happened to Leila that I told Ethan that he was the reason the Leila is not here with us not because of his man ways, and that I was going back here to be with family and only that I am the Guardian of the Crown of Fea you see King Peyton of fea you grandfather called me back a week before this when down, but I did not tell Ethan that I was so upset that I him that in around about a way he killed my best friend, so when i got back to the fea world about a week later I went to the hall of fea to look in The Looking Bowl to see what he was up too after I had my leave of the human world and what I saw was astounding. He started to change his ways he stopped playing around with a woman and started to do what a real prince should do with his state of the area, but I want you to know Adalynn that he was not always a good Vampire Prince at the time but what I did not know at the time was that the death of Leila is what really change him for the better. Adalynn looked at her Guardian with tears in her eyes told Cora I was sorry that you had so much pain over the death of your friend Leila. With that she got up from her bed and came and give her friend/guardian a big bear hug to make her feel better when Adalynn was hugging her. She told her in her ear, I loved you Cora as one of my best friends, and you are not alone with this. I am so sorry that you was hurt in this way. With that Adalynn went back on her bed to dry her tears and pull herself together When Cora got up to say I sorry that I made you cry Adalynn, I was trying to tell you a little of my past, and a little of Ethan get you around about the way to see where Ethan's pass could hurt you if are not informed on what your mate past, I am going to go now and let you sleep. I will come in the morning to give you the book on The Supernatural. I will bed you good night My Princess Adalynn of Fea. So that's what she did I when to my bathroom to wash for the night, I when to see my grandmother Ava Queen of Fea in her night-rose room as she called her garden of Rose that you can see at night. The red rose has a red-orange glow to them; I love coming out here at night too
 Look at them, when I came to the garden my grandmother was out here nearby looking at them. I am going to miss this the most when I leave to go to the human world just sitting there with my grandmother looking at the night rose's. My Grandmother looked up when she heard me coming out to look at the Rose's and talk to her Adalynn what are you doing up my dear? My Grandmother asked I want to come spend time with you and talk to about me leaving two week's, My Dear come sit with me she patted the tree chair's that are in front of the garden. Come set with me Adalynn talk to me on why you are sad my dear my grandmother asked, I when to set down next to Grand Ava I just got done talking to Caroline she told me some things about her past with my mate Ethan when she was in the Human world, Some of the things she told me is making me think that I would not be good enough for Ethan, Adalynn what are the things she told you my dear tell me My Grand Ava asked me, can I just sow you grand I asked her, yes dear you can so I take her hand opening my mine like my grand Ava taught me when I was a little girl to sow her what happened with Caroline when I was done. My Grand Ava said Will my dear Adalynn we just have to make share that he knows that you are a fea princess you will not be made a fool of my dear, but Grand Ava how am I going to that I asked her, My dear Adalynn you just leave up to me I will talk to your father tomorrow about it all we both will make share that you are not made a fool of are have your heart hurt over a vampire my dear just don't tell your Grandfather leave that to me ok I got a feeling he up to something but I do not know yet, now I want you to go to bed now and I tell you all I know tomorrow Adalynn I love you have a good night sleep dear. I got up from my chair to give my Grand a hug and when to my room for the night, when I got in bed that night I dream of a green eyes with the red hair man.

 In the Human World set a green eyes with a Red hair man with the name of Ethan Alexander Davidson looking at his Maker Syra trying to know why his maker what's him to marry a Fea woman this is the crazy's thing she as came up with in 300 years. Syra why do you what me to marry not my sister Rosalyn she older then me she could give you what every that you need that why I asked again why me Syra I asked my maker Syra?, because son you know that if you was lovers with a fea woman you can have a fea born son he will be the air to your kingdom when your made king Syra said, please give me more reason then that I do not know her name I don't know any fea woman here in my state to marry and if I want a son for My Soon-To-Be-Kingdom I could have any woman I want to have that not some fea woman that I do not know of Syra I told my maker loudly. Syra told me because Ethan she not only fea she a fea princesses, her Grandfather Peyton King of all Fea came to meet me a year ago told me she as a vampire soul mate here in the state's to marry but he does not what him to marry his Granddaughter . What is the real soul mate name Syra? His name is Alston Hefeydd he 400 years old he was a fea at one time unit a vampire wants a fea/vampire for a child. That is when you come in I want you with me this fea princess soul mate and with marring the fea princess you will get the backing of a fea king to help you. take out the King Lucas of all vampire's with the fea kings help but to become king you have to marry his Granddaughter and give him a grand-grandson you can have all of his best warriors to help you, My Maker Syra told me all of this I am think I could be this fea woman soul mate if marrying her can help me take out King Lucas and maker me King of all Vampires I could do this so I asked my Maker, When she coming to the human world I asked?, She is moving here in two weeks time Syra told me, and Ethan you are going to meet her and her two fea befriends at my club MoonLight in 3 months one of her friends name Emma has a gift of feel your feeling's so if you are going to lie to her friend she would know it and tell her so the Fea King Brought you this drank to take before meeting the three at my place at MoonLight. Why would I take this from a fea king that I do not know I am sorry Syra but I will not drank that or anything that the fea king what to give me so please I have other thinks that I need to do Syra so call these fea king I will do this soul mate thing with out taking anything, and tell this king I will take it for here with the fea princess get to the human world in a 2 week time so please Syra give me this time to think of a plan to come up with to win the Fea Princess heart I asked my Maker Syra? I can do that Ethan I will let you be so you can get back to work I will call your sister to let her know what going on she will more likely be calling you soon on what to help with the Fea Princess you know how she is told Syra, Yes I know how she is and yes I will call her to let her know what's going on, and Syra do you know my soon to be wife name? Yes I know her name is Adalynn Matthews answer Syra, can you give me a background on Adalynn Family Syra I asked her. Yes I can I have the list right here Syra told me from what I know this is your mate Adalynn Family history right here she give's me a Family Tree of Adalynn Family as I read over the list of names I see one I know really well.

Roosevelt Family
Matthews Family
Peyton Orin Roosevelt-Grandfather
Aubrey Liam Matthews-Grandfather
Ava May Roosevelt-Grandmother
Arethusa Shea Tenaye- Matthews-Grandmother
Sophia Alva Roosevelt Matthews -Mother
Owen Liam Matthews-Father
Maryann Roosevelt-Aunt
Luna Carlin Matthews-Aunt 
Mark Roosevelt-Uncle 
Joshua Liam Mathews-Brother 
Guardian Caroline Roosevelt-Cousin 
Mia Ella Matthews-Sister
Natalie Roosevelt-Cousin
Nathan Roosevelt-Cousin

Setting back in my chair I read over Adalynn Family Background I looked up at my maker Syra do you know a Caroline Roosevelt Guardian of Fea I asked Syra she looked at me with a understand look yes I know Guardian Caroline she was with the king a year ago when he give me this list for you to have so you know Adalynn Family if any of her family members came to see her or you, you will know who they are but I did not know the Guardian of Fea Last name when I met her, I do not think she hear what we talked about she was outside the door as the king's bodyguard that day I do not think she knows what going on or what the Fea King asked of me that day. Syra looked a little upset thinking all of her work was having a little set back on what she what for me and what the Fea King asked of her, if Guardian Caroline Roosevelt of Fea heard any of her's or the Fea kings plans for me and Adalynn to be marry or Adalynn real Soul Mate Name and who he was then when and told Adalynn before she got to the Haman World in 2 weeks but I do not think Caroline know or she would be after me trying to kill me for trying to make a fool out of her Cousin. We see what happens in Two weeks time because if I know Caroline like I do she will be coming with Adalynn as her Bodyguard and I know Caroline dose not like me, I think really she hate's me for getting her best friend Leila killed by Princess Abigail of New York City 100 years ago I never meat for Leila to get killed I was a playboy back then I know of Leila's mood when she gets piss of but I never thought Abigail would kill her for it at the time there was not a lot of things I would what to go back to my past a change but Leila death is one of them she is the reason I change my man way's as Caroline put it.90 years ago it take me 10 years to get to where I am in my sex life with the help of my child Elizabeth my older child next to her brother Nicholas I have not seen him in 70 years I may have to call him next week to come back to the state's to help me set up my plans for ending the king of vampires. Elizabeth has been with me 1,000 years she only when on her on way to make her only child 400 years ago by the name of Rosetta Walker she is a good for my child I would have picked her better myself if I had felt the maker call to her 400 years ago too. But as I sit here I thinking a little on my past and now looking at my maker Syra she has this look on her face meaning that if my maker is right in thinking Caroline heard what she and King Peyton of Fea was talking about I really hoping not Caroline better watch out for my maker Syra because if she feels that she is making where I do not become king because she told Adalynn the truth Syra will kill Caroline in 2 heartbeats. Lets hope and pray that doesn't come to that I hate for Adalynn to not what to be with me because of what Caroline said about me I gusts I find out in two weeks if I got a chance with Princess Adalynn Matthews of Fea. 

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