WishFull thinking

Wash up in sorrows,
My sink has bad drainage,
We all aim for the top with different landing spots
Always the same plane;
Red moon red sky red storm red night,
Nocturnal force their eyes closed,
Force my eyes closed;
To never see an end read this relive moments again,
But everything collects dust, over and over turns into on occasion friends you were cool with become friends who are nameless, faces mixed into the crowd of things clouded from my 3rd eyes sight, so I’m blind to the emotions and rollercoasters of waves in the ocean that we call life, and when they hit im drowning not from lack of oxygen but an abundance of fear, even though this is just a metaphor things just seem so real, surreal, is it abnormal to think that if I do good, good things will come to me? That one day I can be apart of a world where nobodys judging me, wishful thinking, prying eyes disguised with fake smiles and hollow congrats secretly plot and devise ways to pull you down so they can float cause we all drowning no matter how hard you kick eventually you goin down and when that happens in a moment of weakness can anyone truly say that they won’t? I know I can’t but I wish I could,
WishFull thinking.


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