Lying to the heart

‘ There is more to life rather than love,’ Ravens mother said. ‘Life is also about music, how it goes into your soul. Remember that I told you this Raven.’ Raven burst into tears. ‘Don’t leave me mother!’ Raven’s tears soaked her mother’s dress. ‘I don’t want you go!’ The words echoed in Raven’s ears as she woke up. ‘Nightmare.As usual…’ Raven said to herself. ‘Darling, are you awake?’ Her step- mother shouted upstairs. ‘I’m fine Louise!’ Raven shouted back down. ‘I just wanna sleep!’ She put her head under her pillow. Her father ran upstairs and into her room.  ‘Raven, I know your nervous, but you should just give it a try.’ Her father said to her, while she got out from her pillow. ‘You’ve already got your driving licence, your going to move out of this house soon, so why don’t you want to go to a new high school?’ ‘Because, it wont be the same as the other one.Everybody liked me there, and its not easy finding friends at a human high school!’ Raven hugged her father tightly. ‘There are many ab-normal people like you there Raven. Her are your car keys. I hope you have a nice day’ He left. Raven had no choice. So she got her clothes on and left for school.

‘Good morning class!’ The teacher said to everyone (including himself) in the classroom. ‘We have a new student today-Raven Cold!’ Why the hell does he sound like a game show introducer!?  She thought. Do these kids actually like him? If I stay here for years, then I still wont like the idiot. ‘Tell us something about yourself Raven!’ He said still sounding like an idiot. ‘Come on. Dont be shy!’ ‘I’m not shy.Never will be.’ She said, then covered her mouth. ‘So thats something! We’ll do a lesson. Sit over there!’ He pointed to an empty seat. She walked over and sat down.While during the lesson,she fell asleep. ‘Within the beauty in your soul…’Raven was having the dream again. ‘The life you cannot take back after it has been lost…Save yourself from danger and crime…’ The dream went on. ‘Raaaaaven!’The teacher said.She didnt wake up. ‘Raven…Raven..Wake my sweet rose..’ Her mother said. ‘Mother?’ Raven asked in confusion. ‘ Thats two hours of detention for you as well Raven!’ ‘As well?’ She asked again.

At lunch she sat outside. By herself. Sometimes she just felt lonely.Lemme rephrase that-She always felt lonely. ‘Hi there. I’m Jasper’ A boy walked up to her. ‘Nice to meet you Raven!’ He put his hand out shake hers.’Umm,Hi there Jasper!…’ She shook his hand. ‘Man, your hands are cold!’ He took it off quickly. ‘Sorry’ She said looking surprised. ‘So then,’He started.He didnt carry on since his siblings came. ‘Jasper, what are doing?’ His sister said. ‘Calm down man’ Jasper answered. ‘Dont talk to her. Shes vile.’ His brother said to him. ‘Vile?….VILE!? I’LL SHOW YOU VILE!’ Raven shouted at him. NOTE: By vile, I mean Disgusting, horrible awful.


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