Zombie Invasion – Part 1

Prolouge-In this story the main Character is Johna 29 year old man he was not married and he  and he was a former military Sargent who left the military to being a body guard for anyone willing to hire him for $200 he made a lot of money but then the zombie invection started do to scientists testing vaccines. John was guarding at the time and he heard screaming and he ran to the source and he ran in to see a zombie ripping a man to peices while shoveing some in his mouth. Before John could draw his gun the zombie jumped up and tackled him and bit him in the arm and from all his bleeding he passed out and woke up.

I wake up everything around me is in flames… Everyone is dead… I have a bite in my arm. Why have i not turned… Into them? There is 3 dead humans around me i had no idea what there names was. There is a pistol in the hand of a person. I go over pick it up and suddenly the human (or should i say zombie now) grabs my leg and pulls me to the ground and im struck with fear i quickly aim my pistol at him and… BANG! I kill him he lies limply on the floor no movements. I better leave now before any others get up. I Dart to the exit (Basicly and hole in the walls) and leave quickly.

Some time later i feel really dizzy and i might faint as im walking with the debris filled street so dizzy i might just pass out….

I wake up in a room filled with food water and healing supplies im sitting on a concrete floor that is as cold as ice and the walls are brick with moss and webs in the cornors, there are cracks here and there but still in good shape. Soon someone enters the room and starts talking, “You took one heck of a hit, hard to beleive your still alive my names Nick.” “Well mind giving me my gun back?” asks John. “Oh, Sure Here you go.” Then Nick hands me my pistol and another gun a M14 with a silencer. “Thanks.” I say.

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