Lights -Chapter 1-

Cindy was just a normal girl. She loved being what she was. Being leader of her champion swimming team, living with her grandma and helping her back to health. She was just a girl that wanted to be happy. But that didn’t happen. She was dating the football star, the one where any girl would die for. She met him a bar right after he won a game for championship. She was depressed cause her brother just died of Cancer. She just wanted to be with someone to be happy. She hated being alone when her mother was gone, same as her father. But after Jase, the football player, father died, he has been hard on Cindy. Slapping her across the face for no reason what so ever. She was calm with it for a few weeks. But now, she’s getting pay back.

Light’s: Chapter 1:

I was lying down. I can feel my head turning and my cheek burning. The cold concrete was making me feel sick. I can hear footstep’s walking towards me. I didn’t want to see who was coming toward’s me, or whatever. I tried to stand up, but my jelly leg’s didn’t want to work. I sit up and wipe blood from my mouth. I look at the ground. “Why are you doing this. What did I do.” My voice was hard and the sound of it didn’t come out good. I look at Jase. His hard face was dug into mine. I look in his soft eyes and frown. “Im sorry about your father and that, but why did you turn on me?” I felt a tear go down my cheek, but Jase wiped it. I sobbed. “Im sorry, I can’t control it. It’s going crazy. I can’t stop it.” He put’s his palm on my cheek. “Yes you can, but you just need to stop! My freaking grandma is worried about me. She’s scared for my life for god’s sake.” I stand up and turn my hand into fist’s. “Darling I know, but you know that my mom is hard on me. I can’t tell her to stop..” “Then I will! Why dose the freaking world have to turn on us!” I stare up to the star’s and growl. I look down. “You cant..” His voice broke. “Why not?!”

“Because Im an devil.”


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