Too Soon Part 3

I stare at my big stomach. I didn’t care anymore that I was pregeant. I was now happy. I didn’t care about Max anymore and like that. I went to the doctor’s and said It was a girl. I pictured it like me. Big bold blue eyes, light blonde hair shining in the sun. A man that loved her and didn’t lay a hand on her. Cared for her when she’s down or sick. Loved there babies. I smile.

I try to wake up. The sun was burning my eye’s. I open them and see my mom sitting on the side of the bed. “Mom what are you doing here?” I put a blanket over my eyes so the sun dosen’t blind me. “I heard your baby was a girl. I wanted to come as soon as I could. We can talk about baby names and get toys and like that!” Her voice was exited, happy. I groan. “Can’t we talk about this later? Like when Im going to the doctor’s again to see If the baby is going to live or die.” I sit up and shake my sweaty head. “Don’t talk all down like that! We know that the baby is going to live.” I give her a dirty look and stand up. “Hello?  I got raped, beaten, RAPED!”  I yell again.


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