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Chapter One

The Fire



            There was a deafening boom as a house went up in flames. Police sirens wail as a small blonde runs into a dark ally. She reaches a dumpster and climbs in it as tears fall down her face. She can hear the sound of a police radio and she holds her breath as a bright light washes over the dumpster. The light goes out but she doesn’t move out of pure terror. It seems like forever before she climbs out of the dumpster, it is cool and quiet as she hides in the shadows. She turns left onto a steep road and then sharply turns to her right as if she can’t make up her mind on which way to go. She hesitates a moment and then decides to go right, leaving the only life she has ever known. “They will be looking for me”, she whispers to herself as she disappeared down a steep, dark, road.

The blonde walked until she could see the sun creeping into the sky. She let out a sigh as she approached what appeared to be an abandoned barn. She peered inside the building and then rushed in as her stomach began to growl. She could hear her mother’s voice in her head.

“You must eat, Evy! By the Gods if you don’t eat you will be nothing but a sack of bones!” Evy had just stared at her and wondered if she would ever become that scrawny.

Tears came to Evy’s eyes as she thought of her mother, and her smile. She is gone! Evy thought while kicking the side of the barn. She grasped her pack and pulled out a bag of Fritos, along with her dagger. She stared at the knife…it was the only thing she had managed to snatch out of the burning house that would be of any real use.

Evy finds that the week has gone by fast. The states flew by like they were just pieces of paper in the wind. Evy was at awe at all the different buildings and she loved the way they were built.

“Iowa is beautiful…and warm.” Evy mumbled while looking down a busy street. “But why here?” She wondered as she slipped behind a tree in the middle of the Simpson College campus.

She thought she heard the patter of footsteps and she whirled around while clutching her dagger. She could make out the outline of what appeared to be a bat, her heart thumped as she recalled the night of the fire and she turned around to run but ran into a tall red headed girl.

“I am sorry”. Evy says while glancing where she had seen the shadow. The strange girl laughs and Evy relaxes a little bit as the girl begins to talk.

“Are you by yourself?” The strange girl asks while glancing at where the shadow had been.

“Uh…no.” Evy stammers while gripping her dagger tighter.

“You are alone! By the Gods you must be exhausted!” The strange girl grips Evy and starts to lead her to a car but stops abruptly. “I am El by the way, and that is Jake.” She said while pointing at a muscular guy sitting in the passenger seat of a taxi. “Has anything happened to you? I mean not that anything would.” El says while fidgeting with her strap.

“Yes”. Evy said quietly as she stares at the ground. A police siren sounds and Evy freezes out of pure terror.

“Time to go!” El says while gripping her arm and dragging her to the car. They sped off just as a vehicle with flashing blue and red lights turned a corner; heading for them.

“This will be fun!” Jake says while ordering the taxi driver to step on it. The taxi lurched and blows through a stop sign but the police car doesn’t follow. “Well that is strange.” Jake remarks while looking back at the shrinking police car. Jake starts fidgeting with a watch on his hand and can’t seem to sit still.

“You all right?” Evy asks curiously while eyeing him.

“Ya…I am just really hyper.” He answers as his eyes dart around the taxi.

They reach a house and Jake and El climb out. “Welcome to our magnificent home!” El says sarcastically while leading the way in. El looked no more than 11 but she acted as if this happened to her a lot. El notices Evy looking at her but she just smiles and sits down on a couch. A boy and a girl appear next to the couch laughing together. Evy watched as the girl playfully punched the boy in the arm.

“Oh, um…this is Vanessa and Corbin.” El says as if reading Evy’s thoughts.

“A new one?” Corbin asks while eyeing Evy.

“Yep.” El answers while looking at her lap. Evy caught a glimpse of El’s eyes and what she saw surprised her…was it pity she saw in El’s eyes?


Chapter two

The Terrible Reality


El stepped out of her small high school and felt the breeze fly threw her long fiery red hair. She let out a sigh as her emerald green eyes darted around the dull colored parking lot. Friday at last! She thought as she silently walked to her shining blue Ford Taurus. She slid into the driver’s seat and slowly pulled out of her spot near a blue blossoming tree.

The twenty-minute ride went by fast and El smiled as she pulled in and spotted her horse, Oros, munching on some grass. She felt a pang of sadness as she thought of the girl who had given her Oros. Her name had been Vanessa and she had gone missing last year along with her boyfriend Corbin. There was a rumor going around that they had run off together because they were almost sixteen. El didn’t believe the rumor because Vanessa had been like a second sister to her; pulling her in when she had run away five long years ago. She also had another reason…a boy that had disappeared with them, but she pushed the thought into the back of her head.

She parked beside a small gray house in the middle of nowhere and stepped out of her shining blue Ford Taurus, smelling the fresh scent of baked cookies. She forced a smile as she slipped into the small building she called home. A smiling blonde that had her ivory green eyes and pale skin greeted her. El smiled and pulled Evy into a hug, nearly squishing the little 13 year old.

“Another bad day?” Evy asked while breaking away from her grasp.

“No…it was just another typical Friday”. El knew Evy could tell she was lying so she casually asked a question Evy would be eager to answer. “Do you want to go outside”? She could see Evy’s face light up and she headed for the door, she only stopped when Evy called out.

“Is it safe? I mean…for me?” Evy asked as her face shown of fright.

“The police haven’t been in the area for a week”. El answered reassuringly while taking Evy’s hand. Evy was a runaway like El…but not by choice. Evy had been put in an impossible situation and the police wouldn’t stop looking for her. The police believe she started the fire that had killed her mother and she was now on the run, even with El by her side.

“Did you see Vanessa…or Corbin…or even…?”

“No” El said quickly while turning away from Evy.

“Oh…” Evy says sadly while rubbing a green necklace that sat around her neck.

“Never mind that, I am sure we will find them.” El says, trying to lighten the mood. El steeped out into the cool air and watched as a white Sedan pulled up. “Hi Mom.” She said glumly while stepping into her Taurus and motioning for Evy to get in.

“That is all I get? A sad hello? And now you are leaving?” Cally says while crossing her arms.

“I am not in the mood for a fight right now mom, so ya that is all you get for right now.” El answers while pulling out of the driveway. Evy waved good-by and then watched as Cally entered the house.

“You always get growly when you’re around your mom”. Evy muses while peering out the window.

“I think she chased my dad away…and she is never home!” El says with a sigh. It is quiet as El pulls into a winding patch of trees and stops. “Remember this place?” El asks while stepping out of the car; he nostrils immediately fill with the smell of lotus flowers and pomegranates.

“Ya!” Evy says with a smile. “We had a birthday party here, and I got my first sword! That was just before…” Evy breaks off.

“Ya…I know.” El says while climbing a tree and hanging from a moss covered branch.  El leaps from the branch and lands perfectly on her feet. “I thought it might give us some clues…because ,I don’t know about you, but I am going to search for them.” El says with a mischievous grin.

“Not without me!” Evy says while crossing her arms.

“I am not sure it is safe though…I mean that fiery creature that killed your mom…and that giant person that tried to kill me when I was seven; and then we would have to worry about the police too!” El says while frowning.

“But you can’t leave me!” Evy says in a pleading tone.

“I am not saying I will leave you behind…I am just saying that it is dangerous…and we don’t even know who the enemy is!” El says while rubbing her neck.

“But we aren’t normal either.” Evy says while whistling; a blue bird materializes from under a bush. “See?” I just have to think of an animal, whistle, and boom, they come to me. And you! You can enchant things!” Evy says while looking at El.

“Ya…but it makes my head buzz.” El says with a frown. “Plus, you know my mom…she would freak out if she found out about these things!” El says while rubbing a bracelet that had a picture of Oros on it.

“Ya…I know.” Evy says with a sigh.

El glances around the woods and replays in her head what happened last year. “It was beautiful.” El whispers as she slips into the past. She could see herself laughing as she pulled a gleaming blue bow out of a bag. She had beamed and then thrown her arms around Vanessa, thanking her for such a wonderful gift. The trees had been blooming and their had been hundreds of chirping birds electrifying the good mood, thanks to Evy. The smell of pomegranates had been so strong that everyone’s mouth had been watering and she had watched as Jake climbed a tree. He had picked a fat pomegranate and then fallen out of the tree. His face had shown of pure surprise as he had flown towards the ground. Corbin’s quick thinking had probably saved Jake from a broken leg, he had summoned water with a snap of his finger. Everyone had burst out laughing when a soaked Jake had handed El a wet pomegranate.

El was taken back to the present when Evy started shaking her violently. “What?” El asks with a hint of annoyance in her voice. El only looked around when she saw the fear in Evy’s face. She took one breath and knew why the blonde was crying.

“Fire.” Evy whispers while shaking.

“Shoo the animals away…and…and” El broke off, tears welled in her eyes as she watched the trees fall and the fire spread.

“We can’t save this place?” Evy asks while looking at the now burning trees.

“No…we need to get out of here!” El says while grabbing Evy and racing towards her Taurus. She screeches as she watches a tree fall on her shining car. “Fuzz!” El yells as she lets go of Evy.

“Your bracelet…call Oros!” Evy shouts as a tree falls behind her, narrowly missing her side.

“I am not sure Oros can get to us! She could get hurt!” El says while frantically pulling Evy away from the burning tree.

“She has wings! And if you don’t try we will die!” Evy screams as she watches everything burn around her. She could hear her mom’s screams and she cupped her hands around her ears, trying to shut the horrible noise out.

“I-I will try.” El closes her eyes and holds onto her shining bracelet; she thinks of all the good times she had with Oros, and then opens her eyes. “She will be here shortly.” El says while inspecting her burning car.

“She better hurry or we will be fried meat!” Evy mutters while inching away from the burning car.

“Well….I am NOT calling my mom…she would like….ground me….for like EVER.” El says with an annoyed expression.

Oros bursts through the trees and whinnies while kneeling down on her front legs. “Told you she would be here soon.” El says while grinning and climbing onto the black and white spotted horse.

“I didn’t doubt you…I just hate fire.” Evy mumbles while climbing her way onto Oros.

“Ya…me too.” El says while glancing at the now charred and burning trees. “It just had to be here.” El says as she flicks her wrist, Oros soared into the sky, leaving the burning forest.

Chapter Three

The Search


”The fire has consumed much of the forest and it seems to have originated from the center of the forest where we had, had our party.” Evy says as she pets a light brown and white she cat. “The fire could have been anywhere! But it just had to be there! El won’t even come out of her room!” Evy says while standing up and heading into a barn. “She says she needs to think…but who needs two days to think?” Evy thinks while letting out a long sigh.

“Not me…if that is who you are talking about.” El says while leaning on the barn door.

“You look terrible.” Evy says while frowning.

“Why thank you ever so much.” El says sarcastically.

“Are you ready to find Corbin, Vanessa, and…?” Evy asks without finishing her sentence. She knew she was literally standing on a battle ground because she had brought up Jake.

“As ready as I will ever be.” El says while remaining cool. “I think we should search Vanessa’s old home…if they were planning on disappearing she would have been the one making the plans. There might be a map…or a clue…or something. I am sure she would have left something…she would have known we would look for her.”

“Ya…I guess so…but what if we can’t get in? I heard someone moved into her old apartment.” Evy says while tensing.

El looks around, “Well…I could enchant them I suppose…but I don’t like controlling people.”

“Well…I am afraid that may be the only way.” Evy says with a frown.

“Ya…I suppose.” El lets out a long sigh and then heads outside. “We should get going then…it will be lunch time soon and we should get over their before then.” El slowly walks to where her car would be parked, and then remembers it got smashed. “I don’t know how we are going to get there though.” El says while frowning and crossing her arms.

“We could take Oros.” Evy says while looking towards the gleaming red barn. “Or we could walk, I guess.”

“That would be a long way to walk…we will take Oros…I just have to find a saddle first.” El walks off towards the barn and disappears.

“Well…I will go pack a bag then.” Evy says while entering their small house. “I think the house needs painted blue…white is just too boring.” Evy mutters while slipping into her room.


This story is not done yet…I am still working on it.


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