Bishop to Queen 4

Everything is such fun in the beginning,

when it’s new and undiscovered.

i’ll try almost anything.


What is meant by almost?

All these stupid sick shit roles we play,

all this pretending, why?


i want to believe there’s something

behind the curtain

besides a windowless stone wall


Something inexplicable

his/her majesty of everything/

living/dead/never existed.


William Blake said, “Either be a poet or a painter.

Being both muddies audiences, and discredits one or the other.”

Actually, Blake didn’t say that. i am lost.


is it possible to love after what has happened?

the rage, hurt, disappointment of betrayal.

my ex still stalks


as recently as two mornings ago,

all her exaggerations, over-reactions, fury.

Why so desperate to return to crime scene?


An admission of her own guilt?

Excessive compulsive wound licking (psychogenic alopecia)?

Another excuse for getting drunk?


When we waited for the elevator going down

You said, “Let’s just get this over with.”

i understood completely.


i, who worships my own death.

i, who pisses on my own grave.

i, who gets bored faster than speed of light.


i, who suspects killing around every corner.

i, who sleeps restless.

i, who worries.


i, who loves women.

i, who does not understand women.

i, who is a woman.


i, who bangs the dude in L.A. to advance my career.

i, who is a nobody.

i, a man with no place to stand.


i, who belongs to a family of

blustering flirts, flatterers,

kidders, thieves.


We sit at the table,

monkey-wrenching hand over fist lives.

Forget about the eyes.


Watch the fingers.

Don’t listen to the speeches.

Words are intentional distractions.


Where’s your wallet?

Gypsies? No, we’re not gypsies,

more upper-crusty, yes, very well-connected secrets.


Do the names Dante, or Cervantes, or Nabokov mean anything to you?

No, none of them are our kin,

but we know people who know people,


infidelities in very high places.

All i’m saying is,

once you reach a certain level,


we’re all family.

i will make success happen,

with or without you.


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