Can’t Live Without You: Book 1

Crying into a pillow all day seems like my plan.

Yesterday It was my sister’s death. She was kidnapped then killed. And I was going to find out who.

My sister, Lassie, was known as the “Beauitful Queen” because she always acted like a nice queen to us.

She died at age 6, and I was the one the found her body.

Her arm was sticking out of a ditch in Little Rock, Arkansas, the place where I was born.

Her first half of her body was there, the rest all chopped up.

When I was there, a man about 5’7, brown hair, and nerdy glasses was driving away really fast, but I was fast enough to catch his face.

Tan skin, scars around his lip, evil eyes.

I knew he killed my sister.

I quickly got up and ignored what I was going to wear.

The smell of raspberry cornflake ceral filled up my nostrills.

Today I was going to find out the guy’s name



  • sierraxx3

    Hey guys! I did not mean to post this. I was not ready to! xD. But if you guys think its good so far, tell me!

  • runningvein

    Yeah, can still use work. Kind of starts off like a Jerry Springer show.

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