Two Kids.. -Second Story- -Part 1-

I wake up to the sound of my mother screaming. I gasp for air, not knowing that I just woken up from a bad dream, but finding out my father was dead.   He got shot in the chest with a Rifle, a man named “Jacklin Roberts” Killed him. I wondered why he always hated my father. He did nothing wrong, I mean. The only bad thing is he fired Jacklin. He needed more money to raise me and my mother. I always hated Jacklin. Onto the screaming.

“Mom!” I run down the stairs. Knowing that I wasen’t in proper wearing. I can see her hands on his chest then raising them up to me. I scream in pain. My father was dead. And so was my heart for him. Mother started crying harder and doing CPR. I shook my head and sit down. She crawls over to me and kisses my head. “Don’t cry darling.” Her broken voice made me cry harder.


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