Dark Angel. Prologue

The world conquered by two races, Angels and Demons. They always waged war against each other. The King of Angels, Angelo and King of Demons, Kromeus make a deal then. They given a set of territory across the world to maintain so that no war will rise again. But, Kromeus has better plan. He will kill Angelo when no one aware and take control as the World God.

Messenger of Angels, Inor, foresee a child that will bring the end to the conflict and joined all the races. The child will be Savior for both Angels and Demons. Angelo happy to hear this and waiting for the child. The child will born under the blood of Angelo and his wife, Mikarna.

This news reach the demons and also their king, Kromeus. Kromeus decided to make a arrangement of sort to lure Angelo and Mikarna and when they are not aware, Kromeus will kill them both.

Kromeus sent a letter of invitation to Angelo and Mikarna. Angelo and Mikarna then prepare themselves for the arrangement. But, when the day before the arrangement come, Mikarna give birth to the Savior. He named the Savior with human name so that Savior can socialize and make friends in the world. Mikarna and Angelo decided to name it Donny Saviolus.

The day of arrangement come and Kromeus prepare all the traps. Unknown to him that Savior already born to this world. In the meeting, Kromeus succeeded at killing them both. The Angels race destroyed and demons ruled the world. Only Donny is able to fight against Kromeus. The remaining survivor, Mandorga will train Donny to become a true Angel and fight against Kromeus. Donny will be the next Angel King and the Uniter.


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