Sore Winner or Sorbet de Sade

It’s what I can’t imagine

That keeps my eyes peeled

Glued to seat

Everyone in denial

And maybe that’s the worst part



We bury the dead

Celebrate creation

Is there somewhere else

Beyond these concerns?


Trust is a funny concept

We trust we will wake up tomorrow

And the sun rise

We trust in god

How ridiculous


She hates me because

She loves me

Her extraordinary brilliance

We might have found genius together

Separated, we’re simply hopeful remnants


Ok, here’s a joke

Adam: “What are you eating?”

Eve: “Snake gave it to me”

Adam: “The snake?”

Eve: (palms open reaching out) “We didn’t fuck, I swear”


Acceptance beyond understanding

Beyond morality

Because there is no other choice

It’s what I can’t imagine

That arrests me




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