Can’t Live Without You Part 2

I ran downstairs and smelt the warm raspberries in the cold cornflakes with soy milk.

I sat down next to my father, which was drinking coffee and eating a bagle.

“Morning sweetheart.” He says, plotting a juicy kiss on my forehead.

“Morning Dad. Can I borrow your camrea today?” I ask, putting a spoonful of my cearal into my mouth.

“Sure why?” He lowers his glasses and looks at me.

“Um, I have a school project and I have to take pictures of different types of trees.” I lie, looking down.

“If it’s for school, go ahead. Im off to work, bye babies!” Dad set’s his coffee down and newspaper. He kisses me and my mother again.

Then he left, which is my cue to get ready and look for the man who (I thought) killed my sister.

“Brooke, hunny, your going to have to stay home tonight.” My mother calls from the kitchen.

“What time?” I ask. Hanging my head over my chair to see her.

“Nine, we have the police coming over to reserch our house.” She steps into the living room.

“But, mother! I told you, I don’t like the police! They scare me for Lords sake!” I drop my spoon.

“Sweetie, its only for a few minutes! Calm down and eat your breakfast.” She points to my almost-empty bowl.

I started playing around with my food then I start finishing  it.

Now it’s time to see that man again.

I smiled.


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