When all goes wrong…

Lea’s POV

    CH. 1

Never in my life, would I have thought, that what I’d say that day or rather thought that day, would come true. But it infected those around me. Me and my actions hurt those precious to me. Why them, not me? I’ve been asking myself this for years, but I’ve given up on thinking and whatever else I had in mind. Not that I really mind, but the pain is unbearable and I have to live through it. I tried to kill myself, but it heals right away! Why do I have to live? What is my importance? Do they really need me? Or am I a bother? It’s my fault. I guess I’ll live through this punishment and make my life miserable. And a world of destruction would take place up to a certain point. But you have to know why. Why is it that it’s come to this…


Lea’s POV


It was a beautiful day. Bright and sunny, cheery even, and you could hear the soft whispers the leaves made as the wind blew in. And the soft kisses of the fountain that was near the park. The soft voices of people chattering and me with my family. Me and my family went by a guy in a booth handing out a piece of paper. My mom and dad had no need for it so they gave it to me and the guy smiled. It was creepy,but I paid no attention to it. There was a question on the paper and I thought of course I would! It said, “Would you take a bullet for a stranger?” I thought I could, until it happened. My mom was smiling along with my father and little brother and sister. They were only 3 and twins at that. I loved them very much, but the moment didn’t last much longer. I saw a gun and was scared. I hid behind my family. The next moment, I saw them falling like the leaves did in the fall with a bright red color. Their eyes went wide and I also went down. A dark figure came up to me. I could barely make out what had happened, but the figure asked, “Do you wish to live? I can help you, but at a price.” I should have died right then and their, but I made the deal and never saw that person again. My punishment for living is to live forever with no family to care for me and I cannot have my childhood. I grew from 6 to 18 and now I will be stuck like that for the rest of my life. And the next time I see that guy, I will have to follow him and help him achieve his goal. Which I have no idea what goal he needs help with. I don’t need to eat or drink and I have forgotten how many years it’s been since that day. I lost count after a million. I know all of the humans foolishness and the countless wars they have had and now I’m going to school. Not because I have to, but something to keep me busy. Now to describe what I look like and to what I am. I have long black hair and a ruby eye and a golden eye to mark the contract I made. I’m not human, but I’m a devil. Now that that’s done I have to register for school.


Lea’s POV


I wonder how school’s going to go today. Just a bunch of worthless things to do and humans think they are accomplishing much more and advancing? They are as slow as turtles. They go too slow and once in the road “BAM” their hit. Their life is over quickly and they go to hell. People believe there is a heaven, a secret, sacred place which they go to when they die. Well, their wrong. You go straight to hell and there’s nothing you can do about it. My life’s hell so I already know what it feels like. In hell it’s just an empty white space that goes on and on with no one around you and you go insane. You suffer and suffer forever. There’s no king of hell and no god. That’s real life. Not something you could change so easily, but to feel. But heck I’ve forgotten the warmth of a touch, the warmth of a hug, and the warmth of a family. I haven’t thought this much in years, maybe, going to school was a bad idea. I’m not one of those girls that would spend hours in front of a mirror, then again I’m a devil. Just a monster from hell. Of course there’s more devils in the world, but I’m the first to become one. They were born one so I’m an outcast, but it’s also helping me repent my huge mistake that cost my family’s life. I have a picture of them in my pocket. It’s an old picture, but I could still see their happy faces and mine. Enough of that it’s time to put on clothes. I put on a grey tank top and a loose black tank top on top of that. Of course a bra under my shirts and some blue skinny jeans. I put on some purple shoes on top of it and straightened my hair to at least get a good impression, but I do not want to be like the humans.I have killed hundreds of humans in the wars because I was blood thirsty and stupid. Another thing about devils is you have certain powers, but not all are the same. I have the power to shape shift, fly with wings, teleport, telepathy, and the ability to read minds and move objects. I’m also super strong and super fast. Not that any of these are fun. I thought at first all these things were cool, until it hit me. I have no family nor friends so how can I have these things when their in hell in that empty space. And with no one at all. I also get these nightmares when I do need sleep and they call me bloody murder. The walls are stained with their blood as they scream it over and over until I wake up breathing heavily and cry to myself. That’s why I try to avoid going to sleep. I then get my lazy ass from out under me and walk to my car . I’m not going to make a big scene with the new girl with wings and scars. I almost forgot about that so on my way out I grab a black jacket and made sure to cover my arms. I quickly get in my car and zoom out of my secret lair.


Mason’s POV


Hi, my name is Mason Carter and you could say I’m the most popular guy in school and get all the cheerleaders and other popular friends. I’m the captain of the school’s football team and I’m 5 “10” and I’m muscular and tan. I have sandy blonde hair that goes well with my bright blue eyes. You could say I’m a model, which I am in surfing. I model in surf gear and all that hot stuff. I’m currently single and I’m very attractive. Now I’m a mess. I’m going to be late for school again! I groan as I got up. I quickly put on a plain white shirt with black skinny jeans. Hey you don’t have to be gay to wear skinny jeans. You just don’t draw unicorns and ponies and hopefully don’t dream of them either. It’s not like I have a problem with them, but I’m a tad bit religious and if your gay your automatically a fag. Yeah I’m selfish and a big jerk, but people don’t really care if your parents are known through town and it’s not too small and not too big, but just right. Today also marks a new day of 1,534,874 O.I.A.M and yeah that’s a long time our government didn’t act stupid. We won the wars over the years and now it’s peace and quiet, for me you have to live it up. I quickly finish freshening up in the bathroom and head downstairs for breakfast. Since I’m rich we have a butler named Sebastian and he’s only 38. I mean every one needs a butler named Sebastian and a young one. Hey he’s still in his 30’s, but he does rock in a suit. Shit! I’m starting to sound gay. It’s only because he practically raised me from little brat me into the sexy dude. My parents are in their 20’s. God knows what they did in order to have me and keep me! I think to myself way too much for a normal person. I also like war stuff and don’t ask me why, because I don’t know myself. It could be, because it’s a way of knowing why and how the world came to be today. Lost in my thoughts like an idiot I hear a loud honk outside telling me Austin and Conner are here. Austin and Conner are my best friends and they let me take a ride with them to school since I of course was being dumb one day and got my license taken away. It happens to everybody some point in their life. *sigh* I did it again,well, I for one have to go to school so I head out and grab my bag. I head towards the car and we head towards the school of the damned. I named it that after our principle Mrs.Damond.


Mason’s POV


When we make it to school I see everybody was crowded together in a circle looking at something. I wonder what they’re looking at? Oh, probably the transfer student. I guess it’s time to show this guy a lesson. He probably made a scene. I thought that until I saw the most beautiful car and a girl who is even more beautiful than the car! She has long silky, black hair like the midnight sky, and her left eye golden and her right eye a ruby-red. She’s tall, probably about 5″6″ and her chest size is not too small and not too big. She totally suits my taste. I go up to her, but when she looks at me my legs go weak. Maybe she likes me! Yay! I spoke too soon or rather thought too soon, because she just walked right past me and locked her car on her way to school. The principle was waiting for her arrival. Who exactly is this chick? Well might as well talk to her and show her my good side. It looks like she’s caught the attention of all the guys in school. Looks like I will have no problem unless she likes the nerdy type. But if she does I will find a way to change her tastes, but not enough so it could be any one. Just enough so she will like only me. Is that too selfish? Well she will have to like me and my childish side. I think girls like the cute and adorable guys, plus I’m hot and sexy. So there’s no reason to complain. She might have not seen me and like all the rest of the girls I’ll easily have her number and address. Nothings going to stop me and nothings going to get in my way. As I head inside I can already see her being trailed by her brand new fan club. I have mine too, but she must like all the attention. At the moment I’m admiring her beauty Austin and Conner have to but in and say, “Dude you have the hots for Lea.” So Lea was her name? What a pretty name. I’m already thinking of Lea Carter and Mason Carter. It goes so well. “Well, who wouldn’t! She’s a beauty!” I replied. Which was true, she is a beauty. She has the perfect curves and beautiful soft white skin. Or that’s what I’m assuming, but she must not really like showing off her body. I guess she’s shy. Oh, here’s my chance to talk to her. Looks like my locker is next to her’s. Perfect! That sounded stalker sounding. Ugh, I’m loosing my cool. Give me my perfect self back! When I got my cool I went up to her and said, “Hello! My name is Mason. I can show you around if you want and maybe eat together during lunch? I can also show you to your classes.” That’s right! Very sexy! But that moment was ruined when she said in a stern voice, “No thanks! I already remembered where to go and I don’t eat or drink and I most certainly do not want friends right now. So keep your distance and I’ll keep mine.” Wow, I guess she isn’t shy and certainly not sweet. So why does my legs go weak and my heart beats like a child that’s hyper on candy? Well time to go to classes and to think later.




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